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Rome is hands-down one of the most historic and popular tourist destinations in all of Europe.  The capital city of Rome and is also where you’ll find the seat of the head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican City.  While you’re in Rome you can visit a number of many historic sights and locations, as Rome has such a long history with an influence that has spread across Europe. 

Some of the many amazing places to see while in Rome are the iconic Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and, of course, the whole of Vatican City.  Daily excursion through Vatican City are common, affordable and fun ways to view a lot of the history of the world’s smallest state in the world, by both population and size. 

While you’re in Rome, you should also definitely check out some of the many traditional authentic Italian restaurants and cafes, where you can get real Italian cooked food prepared in a traditional way.  You’ve never truly enjoyed Italian food until you’ve sat down at a traditional trattoria. 

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