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The capital city of Azerbaijan, right on the border of Europe and Asia, most commonly known as Eurasia, sits the beautiful city of Baku.  Baku is also known as the City of Winds, due to the winds that seem to occupy the city year-round.  Baku is most known as being home to the Baku City Circuit, one of the typically most exciting and action-packed races of the Formula One Grand Prix circuit. 

While in Baku, you can take advantage of the fantastic historic and authentic venues and experiences, such as visiting Maiden Tower, a huge stone tower built in the 12thcentury, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a 15th-century palace and the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.  Baku offers up a fantastic city where there’s a great mixture of Eastern and Western culture with a huge number of traditional experiences alongside modern restaurants, bars and clubs. 

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