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Dubai Creek Tower

What is Dubai Creek Tower?

The race is on!

Have you heard of Dubai Creek Tower?  If not, you’re missing out on one of the most exciting developments in Dubai today.

With a planned completion date of 2020 just in time for the Dubai Expo 2020, you should have your cheap hotel in Dubai booked and ready to witness history.

As of today, Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.  The Burk Khalifa stands at 2,722ft and has been holding the record for the tallest building in the world since 2008.

Now, almost ten years later, the world has been scrambling to produce a record-beating building and Dubai has taken a proactive approach and just now laid the foundations for the new world’s tallest building, the Dubai Creek Tower.

Dubai Creek Tower

The Dubai Creek Tower was inspired by the lily flower and is designed to be the highest observation tower in the world.  Dubai Creek Tower is set to be at least 3,045ft tall, smashing the Burj Khalifa’s record.

Dubai Creek Tower, a joint venture with Dubai Holding and EMAAR, the Dubai Creek Tower will produce a great view of the city and surrounding areas, every day after the sunset a, ‘Beacon of light,’ will shine from the Dubai Creek Tower into the skies above.

The Dubai Creek Tower will be positioned only a few minutes away from Dubai International Airport, so I’m sure there will be some great views from take-off and landing and the observation tower will present never before seen views of the famous Dubai Creek and Ras Al-Khor.

A scale model of the Dubai Creek Tower can be found in the Dubai Mall.

However, there’s some competition in this realm.  The Jeddah Tower, previously known as Kingdom Tower, of Jeddah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has already began construction and with the same release date, it’s going to be come down to who can push their tower higher and faster than the other.

jpg - What is Dubai Creek Tower?

Dubai Creek Tower

The Jeddah Tower is touted to be the new world’s tallest building, with an estimated height of 3,281 ft the Jeddah Tower, on paper, would beat the Dubai Creek Tower by over 200ft.

Jeddah Tower is expected to have over 167 floors and, as of December 2016, there are photographs of the 47th floor being constructed.

Jeddah Tower will have the world’s highest observation platform, with a 98 foot diameter balcony that was originally designed to be a helipad.

The tower will also have 59 elevators and 12 escalators.  Five of the elevators will be double-decker to maximise the amount of people who can travel the building at any one time.

Dubai Creek Tower vs Jeddah Tower?

Although the Jeddah Tower is already set to become the world’s tallest building, construction has already started and it’s very difficult to change the height of a building once you’ve already built the base.  So, does Dubai still have a chance to build the world’s tallest building, again?

Dubai has only just began laying the foundations and there are rumours of the Dubai Creek Tower being as tall as 4,000ft, although these are only speculation.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in 2020, but it’s an exciting architectural race happening right beneath our noses.

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