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VoucherSkout deals in Dubai


We all love a good discount.  Why wouldn’t we?  I know my heart does leaps whenever I see a sale sign and what could be better than a 50% discount off some of your favourite places to eat, drink or do activities in Dubai?  How about 50% off all of the things you’ve never done because, ‘It’s just too expensive’ in Dubai? 

Enter VoucherSkout.

A pay-as-you go voucher-based discount delivery system, gosh that’s a mouthful, VoucherSkout offers 50% off Food & Drink, Brunch, Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Leisure, Family & Local Services and Learning.

VoucherSkout lives right inside your best friend.  No, your real best friend, your smartphone.  Available on iOS and Android, you simply download the app and register to receive 3 Free Credits.  Then, start browsing the latest deals.

Then, go and find a place you’d like to go and double-check the date for the voucher.

Press, ‘Use Now,’ you pay a very small fee and your VoucherSkout credits will be swapped for the discount code.

Once your code has been delivered to you, give it to the merchant and you’re set. 

Easy, right?

Built by a group of very talented and dedicated folks, VoucherSkout was created to answer the ever-nagging problem of some of the other methods of getting discount vouchers.  Rather than having a large price to purchase the app, VoucherSkout is and always will be free to download.  You simply pay as you go, purchasing only the vouchers you intend to use and saving money in the long run.

Each discount costs roughly 3-5 credits and you can top up your balance at any time.  Smart stuff.  

Whether you’re looking for a bar, restaurant, spa, salon, beautician or barber you’ll find great 50% off deals in VoucherSkout. Looks like we’ll be burning through those spa and salon vouchers, it’s always nice to do more for less.

Or, if you’re a little bit more active, take a look at some of the hiking, scuba diving, fitness classes, bootcamps, dance classes, tours, aquaparks, golf and more in their Sports & Leisure section.  Dance classes will be perfect to perk us up after our week of spa treatments.

You could try taking your kids go-karting or to an aqua park for half price, wouldn’t that be great for your purse strings and their happiness?  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.  You’re never too old to enjoy go-karting, are you?    

There really is a whole lot to offer on VoucherSkout, so I would definitely recommend taking a look at seeing what it could do for you, your family and your lives.

Things can get a bit more exciting when they don’t blow the lid off your budget, can’t they?

Have you tried VoucherSkout yet?  If not, head over to VoucherSkout now to download the app and start enjoying more.

Let us know if you’re already enjoying the benefits and your favourite discounts, so we can enjoy them too!

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