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Dubai Mall balloon art by Jason Hackenwerth

Unique Balloon Art in Dubai Mall

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘How did they know that what we really wanted was a huge balloon structure in Dubai Mall?’  And the answer is a resounding, ‘We have no idea, maybe they’re mind readers.’  Nevertheless, we now have an admittedly impressive and unique art piece addition in Dubai Mall, created out of an incredible amount of balloons.

Art in Dubai Mall

This brand new exhibition in Dubai Mall is gathering quite a large crowd and following since the experimental artist, Jason Hackenwerth, has popped into Dubai to bring with him one of his most impressive art pieces to date.  This famous artist, along with a team of assistants, have spent the past 8 days blowing up an awful lot of balloons to create this gigantic 18m (59ft) tall art installation in Dubai Mall.  Named Skyward, the structure is not only almost 60 ft. tall but is also 6 metres (19.6ft) wide, which is around about half the length of a London bus.

Jason Hackenwerth has managed to have a number of art pieces installed around the world, such as in the Solomon R Guggenheim in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the National Museum of Scotland.

His unique structures take a lot of time and effort to imagine, design and create as each balloon needs to be blown up and attached to the other, by hand, and has said publically that he hopes, ‘people will be awestruck,’ and that his intention is, ‘to surprise people so profoundly that there is a moment of reverence as they fully comprehend the massive scale of the delicate work.’

Jason also says that, ‘Balloons are very accessible.  Everyone has an experience with them.  So, even those who may not be interested in art can appreciate the works.  In this way the work becomes a gateway for art.’  And we must say that the impressive work that has gone into creating Skyward certainly shows.  I have enough trouble tying three balloons together for a birthday party, never mind stringing together the amount that he has managed in just only 8 days.

This incredible structure will be in The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai until the 28th of February and is, of course, completely free to view.

Read some more about Jason Hackenwerth here and Dubai Mall here.


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