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Free burritos at Taqados in Dubai

Two Completely Free Burritos in Dubai

The opportunity to take home some free food can easily turn any day from bad to good in a flash, and once again Dubai is going to be inundated with amazing free burritos from one of our favourite Mexican restaurants.  These completely free burritos in Dubai are going to be provided by Taqados in celebration of International Burrito Day.

Four For The Price of Two

Well, they’re not 100% completely free.  You are required to purchase two burritos in order to grab yourself another two bonus burritos.

This double-the-fun deal has been brought forward by none other than one of our absolute favourite Mexican restaurants in Dubai, Taqados.  The Mexican Kitchen will be gifting out free pairs of burritos when you purchase two burritos, so make sure you’re bringing a friend (or a pretty hefty appetite).

There is one catch, though, apart from having to purchase two burritos to grab another two free ones, you’ll also have to make a post on social media in which you use the sure to be trending hashtag #InternationalBurritoDay, and then make sure you tag Taqado themselves and show them the social media post when it comes to pay for your burritos.  You’ll then be given an extra pair of burritos, completely free.

This isn’t the first time that Taqado has celebrated by giving away a number of free burritos, with their previous foray into tortilla charity by giving away 500 free burritos upon the opening of their latest store.

Where Can I Get Free Burritos?

You can get Burritos from any of the Taqado locations around Dubai, P.S., they have about 13 locations in Dubai and they’re also on Deliveroo (which this offer is also available at).

How Much Do I Have To Spend?

If you want to take home four burritos, you’ll be required to purchase two burritos, which will cost around 72 AED (£13.50).  For this price, you’ll get two extra burritos.

When Can I Get This Amazing Offer?

Taqado is offering this amazing value deal only on Friday the 6th of April.

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