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Try Dubai at Barasti Beach Bar

Try Dubai at Barasti Beach

When it comes to thinking about things to do in Dubai you’re either overwhelmed with the amount of amazing and fantastic things to do or disappointed by the requirements to try them out.  Sure, you’d probably really love to try out some of those classes on Mongolian throat singing but can you commit straight away to 10 lessons?  Of course, a lot of companies and people offer up some great trial classes which are fantastic but, again, you’re going to have to trek halfway across the city in the morning traffic and you don’t even know whether you’ll like it.  Try out these free classes from your cheap hotel in Dubai.

Well, that’s where Try Dubai comes in.  This fantastic initiative allows you to try out some of the top activities in Dubai in one big place.  Fantastic.

Try Dubai

The best activity fair that has ever graced the UAE, Try Dubai gives you the chance to really branch out and try out some of the activities you’ve never gotten around to doing.  Try out some of the clubs, groups and classes that make Dubai the city it is.

Try Dubai is touted as being, ‘The City’s Ultimate Fresher’s Fair,’ showcasing some of the most amazing activities, groups and classes from Dubai.

Try Dubai is a unique outdoor festival that’s now in its third year and gives you one of the most premium opportunities to learn about all of the fantastic things you can do in Dubai.  At Try Dubai, you can not only learn about the clubs, groups and classes around Dubai but you can also try them out, completely free, before locking yourself down in any long term memberships.  There’s going to be a huge host of things.  Some of the hosts last year, in 2017, were:

  • Talabat, a food delivery service offering exclusive discounts.
  • Classport, an app for booking classes and gym sessions and spinning sessions.
  • The Track Meydan Golf, one of the most accessible golfing experiences in the UAE.
  • Guzzle, a fantastic two-for-one all for deals on drinks around Dubai.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Tourism, one of the best outdoor adventure tourism groups in the UAE.
  • Duplays
  • R U Active
  • Adventurati Outdoor
  • Xtreme Wake
  • Fareinheit Beachsports
  • Dukite
  • Illuminations
  • Real Pilates
  • Phoenix Rising
  • The Physical Training Company
  • Dubomedy
  • Yadawei Ceramic Studio
  • The Jam Jar
  • The Courtyard Playhouse
  • MrUsta


You’ll be pleased to know that Try Dubai is taking place at one of our favourite locations, Barasti Beach.  Fantastic.


The Try Dubai fair is taking place from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM on the 9th of February.  That’s a Friday, to save you a calendar check.

Taking Part

If you’re a company, group, club or class and are wondering how to get involved, we’d suggested moving on it quickly because we’ve heard that the tables are selling out pretty quickly.  For more information, email Laura Coughlin at Laura@motivate.ae.


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