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Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

It’s almost that fateful day, February 14th, and you need to start thinking about what to get for your lovely lady friend.  Start thinking now because time waits for no man and you don’t want to be that guy who forgets Valentine’s Day and has to sleep on the couch, do you?

Of course not.

We’ve put together some great Valentine’s Gift ideas for Her and if you’re going all out, why not look at a romantic hotel in Dubai?

Not Just Soap

What you’ll get:  This one’s always a fan favourite for those who want to give something that somebody is actually going to use.  Always considered a thoughtful and sincere gift, Lush products can be an excellent way of showing how much somebody means to you while you’re on quite a tight budget.  It’s not the price tag that matters, guys, it’s the thought and time spent choosing the gift.  Choose her favourite flavours, preferred scents and, most importantly, don’t get a bath bomb if she doesn’t have a bath.

What you’ll pay:  You can comfortably budget around 100 AED (£20) for something decent from Lush.

Where to find it:  Lush has a number of locations around Dubai in places like The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif and a whole host of other locations.

Show Her You Mean It

What you’ll get:  If you’re looking for something romantic, then one of the beautiful and aromatic candles from Diptique is certainly high on the list of, ‘Things women want.’  Diptique offers some of the best perfumes you can find in Dubai and their candles smell just as good.  Of course, you can always ask in-store for some help in choosing a great perfume for your lady if your budget can handle it.

What you’ll pay:  You’ll pay just over 300 AED (£60) for one of these huge candles.

Where to find it:   You’ll find Diptique at The Dubai Mall among other locations around Dubai.

Delicious Luxury Chocs

What you’ll get:  There’s nothing sweeter than being gifted a delicious box of high quality chocolates, so why not go high-end and gift a box of Prestat Chocolates?  Diamonds may be a girls’ best friend but chocolates are a close second.

What you’ll pay:  This box of chocs will cost about 76 AED (£15) and will make a lasting impression on a tight budget.

Where to find it:   You’ll find Prestat at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

The Return of Vinyl

What you’ll get:  The gift of music is always a sure-fire way to win over some brownie points with any woman, so why not try out shopping through Virgin Megastore for some of the best music you can find.  Give a memorable gift with her favourite artist on vinyl.  Bonus points if she doesn’t have a record player and you get that for her, too.  You’ll lose some points if she doesn’t have a record player and you choose not to get her one, though.

What you’ll pay:  The vinyl usually cost around 125 AED (£25).

Where to find it:  Any of the plenty of Virgin Megastores in Dubai.


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