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chocolate desserts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Top Chocolate Desserts in the UAE

Dessert in the desert.  One of our favourite parts of going out to eat is saving a little bit of space (or, let’s face it, not saving any space) and then browsing through the dessert menu and picking out the chocolatiest fondant we can possibly find and then shovelling it directly into our mouths.

Well, maybe with a little bit more grace, when we remember we’re in public.  If you’re a fan of chocolate fondant, I’d recommend you head on over to these places from your cheap hotel in Dubai.

Armani Hotel’s Chocolate Fondant

What it is:  This delicious and luxurious dark chocolate fondant is one of the most superbly rich desserts we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Served inside a cast iron pot and the moment you crack open the lid you’re just blown over by the strong smell of delicious chocolate emanating from within.  Once you get to the bottom of this pot you’ll either have the most contented feeling in the world or a shameful chocolatey mess all over your face but you won’t even care.

Where to go:  Get this fantastic chocolate fondant dish from the Armani Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

Chocolate Extravaganza

What it is:  Although it’s not quite in Dubai, it’s not too far of a drive if you’re determined, the Shangri-La Hotel’s Bord Eau in Abu Dhabi offers up their exquisite Chocolate Extravaganza fondant, which is just a superb menu item that’s guaranteed to make an impression.  You’ll find a chocolate sphere with hot chocolate sauce poured gently on top, which serves to melt the sphere down into a more manageable mouthful.

Where to go:  Bord Ear at the Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Vasco’s Chocolate Soufflé

What it is:  Chocolate Soufflé should be made mandatory as part of every meal, we firmly believe, and Vasco’s unique chocolate soufflé not only tastes great but looks smashing on your Instagram.  Served with berry coulis and vanilla ice cream, this dish tastes amazing and deserves a place on all of our social media walls.  I know, this one’s also in Abu Dhabi but, come on, it’s worth it.

Where to go:  Vasco’s at the Hilton in Abu Dhabi.

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant

What it is:  Delicious honeycomb, caramélia, soft ice cream and fantastic chocolate is all up for grabs at Galvin’s signature Valrhona chocolate fondant dish.

Where to go:  Galvin Dubai.

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