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Gotha Club coming to Dubai

Another Amazing Superclub in Dubai: Gotha

I’m getting a pretty huge sense of de ja vu while I’m writing this, it seems that Dubai is knocking up brand new super clubs every other weekend but, let’s face it, who’s going to complain?  It must be the ultimate First World Problem when you start to moan about...

Smash Room in Al Quoz 4, Dubai

Dubai’s Very FIrst Smash Room

You ever just feel the need to let out some frustration?  Well, don’t start shouting at your significant other, save it all up and head down to Dubai’s very first Smash Room.  The safespace for venting your aggression is going to be incredibly popular, we can assume. After you’ve let out...

The Dubai Mall sleeping pods

Dubai Mall Sleep Pods

I don’t know about you but one of the trickiest things about shopping all day long in Dubai Mall is the absolute inability to be able to catch a quick kip.  Well, not anymore!  Now, you can settle down in some of the brilliant little sleep pods in Dubai Mall...

Actventure waterpark coming to Dubai

A New Beach Theme Park in Dubai?

Dubai’s already the home to quite a few of the most amazing theme parks in the world with IMG Worlds of Adventure, the largest cooled indoor theme park and the numerous parts of Dubai Parks and Resorts with Motiongate Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, LEGOLAND Waterpark, Bollywood Parks, Riverland Dubai and the...

Premier League football showing at Reel cinemas in Dubai

Watch Premier League Matches in Dubai at Reel Cinemas

Although strictly only catering to the English football teams, the Premier League has managed to amass a worldwide following with people across the globe rooting for their favourite British team and forming fan groups and rivalries that wouldn’t be out of place in Britain itself.  Dubai has such a huge...

Dubai World Cup - racing horses and ladies dressed up

The Dubai World Cup Packages

The Dubai World Cup, known as being the richest horse race in the world, takes place right here in Dubai and is one of the biggest events in the year and is, hands down, the biggest horse racing event of anybody’s calendar.  The Dubai World Cup is taking place on...

Heston Blumenthal to open a restaurant in Royal Atlantis

Heston Blumenthal at the Royal Atlantis

One of the most famous chefs from around the world, famous for performing incredible food based experiments and his unique mixture of culinary and science in order to bring some of the most fantastic creations we’ve ever seen.  Heston Blumenthal is will be featured at the iconic Atlantis at The...

Soho Beach Club in Dubai

Soho Beach Club Celebrations

One of the best super clubs in Dubai, now, and they’re setting their sights on becoming a major player in the beach club scene with some brand new daytime offerings.  Head on down to Soho Beach Club to take advantage of their amazing day time selection. If you’re up to celebrating...