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Remix 92 The Irish Village in Dubai

Bring Back the ’90s with Remix 92 at The Irish Village

There’s a certain special fondness for the ‘90s that often gets overlooked but, as we all achieve maturity and adulthood (or, at least, pretending like we have all achieved maturity and adulthood), we’re finding more and more opportunities to celebrate the unique ‘90s style of music, fashion and culture that’s...

unique valentines day date ideas in dubai - xline dubai marina, jumble maze and desert safari

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 14th should be the most vigorously circled date on your Cutest Kittens of 2018 calendar that we all know is hanging in your kitchen and for good reason.  Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest dates to show the person who matters most to you that you really do...

Dubai Mall balloon art by Jason Hackenwerth

Unique Balloon Art in Dubai Mall

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘How did they know that what we really wanted was a huge balloon structure in Dubai Mall?’  And the answer is a resounding, ‘We have no idea, maybe they’re mind readers.’  Nevertheless, we now have an admittedly impressive and unique art piece addition in...

Budget brunches in dubai

The Best Budget Brunches in Dubai

Brunches, one of our absolute favourite things to do in Dubai.  These incredible and indulgent offerings give you one set price for as much food and drink as you can consume in a few hours. Brunches are best enjoyed from some of the great cheap hotels in Dubai. Great Atmosphere, Music and...

new Dubai restaurants: 21 Grams, Crash Fish, The blacksmith

Valentine’s Day Treats: New Restaurants in Dubai

What would Dubai be if there wasn’t an almost weekly offering of brand new restaurants in Dubai to try out?  It seems like there’s always somewhere brand new with a unique and signature flavour to add to our already quite sizeable choices of restaurants but we’re not going to complain. ...

Dubai Wellness Week

Dubai Wellness Week

If you’re looking for something relaxing and enjoyable to do in February that will help bring a little bit of peace to your life and start to make you feel a little more fulfilled, you might want to take a look at Dubai Wellness Week, a week long festival where...

L!QD tapas bar in Dubai

New Tapas Spot in Dubai: L!QD

Tapas, it began as a simple way for Spanish travellers to order small bites to eat along the old Roman roads and has since evolved into an entire cuisine designed around the idea of creating your own meal out of many portions of smaller dishes, ideal for sharing and perfect...

Soho Beach Super Club opening in Dubai

New Super Club in Dubai: Soho Beach

Dubai’s nightlife scene is one of the biggest industries in the city, believe it or not, and for good reason.  Many millions of residents, tourists and locals visit the many fantastic clubs, bars and nightlife venues across the city every night, so much so that it almost sometimes feels like...

new cycle tracks in dubai

Brand New Cycle Tracks in Dubai

Cycling is one of the healthiest hobbies you can take up and, if you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time cycling, you’ll know that cycling fast becomes your biggest interest.  You’ll find yourself naturally drawn into cycling conversations, paying more attention to cycling advertisements and just, ‘popping into,’ the...