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Pool days over Easter in Dubai

Dubai’s Best Ladies Day Deals for Easter

If you’re on the lookout for some of the best Ladies Day deals to enjoy over Easter, you’ve come to the right place.  Our top picks of Dubai’s best Ladies Day deals for Easter mean you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy good food, great drinks and amazing company. If you’re...

Mel C from The Spice Girls performing at Blended Festival Dubai

The Spice Girls in Dubai?

Yes, you’ve just read that headline right.  Well, mostly right, it’s not really Spice Girls but just… Spice Girl.  Mel C is going to be making an appearance in Dubai to perform at a special gig on the 20th of April as a supporting artist as part of the incredible...

Asian restaurants in Dubai: Mr Miyagi's and Oni

Two New Asian Hotspots in Dubai

Dubai’s been building up its reputation as being a foodie’s paradise for quite some time and with the addition of plenty of brand new hotspots in Dubai for some of the best food, it’s definitely going to be holding the crown for being a top foodie tourist destination very soon. ...

Backstreet Boys coming to Dubai

Backstreet’s Back in Dubai

Oh boy, this one’s an absolute treat for everybody who survived through the 90s.  This incredible boy band, Backstreet Boys, managed to secure a place in the hearts of many a young radio fan or avid tape collector during the ‘90s and their popular has somehow managed to last even...

valentines day for the ladies in Dubai

Singles Only Valentine’s Events

You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day and, in fact, sometimes you can have an even better time of it without worrying about spending the day with someone else. Here’s one of those spectacular circumstances where being single on Valentine’s Day is going to be a...