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Premier League football showing at Reel cinemas in Dubai

Watch Premier League Matches in Dubai at Reel Cinemas

Although strictly only catering to the English football teams, the Premier League has managed to amass a worldwide following with people across the globe rooting for their favourite British team and forming fan groups and rivalries that wouldn’t be out of place in Britain itself.  Dubai has such a huge...

Dubai British Breakfast Restaurants

Great English Breakfast Spots in Dubai

One of the biggest causes for homesickness when in Dubai is simply down to food, when it comes to eating out in Dubai, while you’re often presented with some of the best food and drink places in Dubai it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming with the choice of...

rudimental, chase and status and fat boy slim performing at zero gravity

Three Huge UK Artists Coming to Zero Gravity

One of the perks of living in Dubai is the fact that there’s almost a non-stop stream of amazing international artists coming to Dubai to perform and this year is shaping up to be one of the best years in Dubai for UK artists.  Three huge UK artists are on...

Brunches in Dubai Marina

Brunches in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is one of the most beautiful parts of Dubai and offers up a scenic location for tourists, residents and business travellers to enjoy and we’ve put together some of the top brunches in the Dubai Marina. Find out some of these great hotels in Dubai Marina. We Brunch What it...

healthy gym food cafes in dubai

The Best Gym Fuel in Dubai

Getting a hard-core workout in Dubai is no joke, there are so many choices of classes, gyms and outdoor workout spots where you can really work up a sweat.  Getting the right food for your pre-workout fuel-up or your post-workout recovery is so incredibly important when it comes to fitness,...

Top restaurants ideas for Valentine's Day in Dubai

Top Valentine’s Day Dinners in Dubai

It’s not long now until February the 14th rolls around, so you better have everything you need to book in advanced booked and organised.  If you’re not yet set, booked and ready to go, why not have a look at some of these fantastic Valentine’s Dinner Date ideas and really...

Christmas Dinners at Gaucho DIFC

Christmas Day Lunches and Dinners in Dubai

Personally, I don’t think Christmas Day is completely until you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey, tried a few Brussel sprouts (in case this year you actually like them) and consumed enough potatoes to swear off them for another year.  Luckily, Dubai offers some of the best Christmas Day Lunches and...