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Easter for kids in Dubai: Dinosaur Park and Garden Glow

Something to Do in Easter for Kids in Dubai

It can be such a struggle finding something to do for the kids while they’re off school, so why not take the easy route and let us do all the hard work?  We’ve put something the best things to do in Easter for kids to keep them busy.

If you’re looking to make Easter extra special for the whole family, don’t forget there are plenty of great family hotels in Dubai.

Easter Holiday Fun

It’s the Easter holidays and it’s that time of the year where the holidays aren’t quite long enough to book a vacation out of the country but not short enough that you can keep the kids happy and busy with regular run of the mill household fun.  When this time of the year strikes, you’ve got to pull something spectacular out of the bag in order to impress the little ones, so why not visit Dubai Garden Glow at Zabeel Park to really make this a holiday to remember?

Dubai Garden Glow

The largest attraction of its kind in the Middle East, Dubai Garden Glow is an immense creation by some of the most talented engineers, artists and individuals comprising of more than 100 million energy efficient LED lights.  This amazing combination of artistry and technology comes together to create unique and staggering LED sculptures and installations throughout Dubai Garden Glow that will amaze, befuddle and impress kids and adults alike.

A team of more than 500 artists came together from across the globe to help create Dubai Garden Glow and put their creative minds together to engineer one of the most beautiful LED light displays around the world.

You can walk through enchanted forests, underwater scenes and other beautiful LED and nature inspired scenery as well as a number of animal sculptures and critters around.

Dinosaur Park

If your kid isn’t the type to be inspired in awe at the sight of some of these amazing LED sculptures, maybe the Dinosaur Park might be more up their street.  With over 100 life-sized animatronic recreations of some of the coolest beasts from the prehistoric era depicting all parts of dinosaur life, it’s an inspiring and educational trip.

You can find Dubai Garden Glow at Zabeel Park every day from 4:00 PM until 12:00 AM midnight and it only costs 60 AED (£11.50) to get in.

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