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Best ice-cream in Duba: iScream at La Mer, Amorinos and Godivas

Scream for the best Ice Cream in Dubai

If there’s one thing that springs to mind whenever you think of Dubai, it’s the hot dry weather of living in the middle of a desert.  Most days in Dubai are extremely warm and what better way to enjoy the lovely warm weather than by having some delicious ice cream at some of these amazing ice cream shops in Dubai.


One of our absolute favourite additions at one of the newest locations in Dubai, La Mer, iScream offers an excellent choice of ice cream for adults and kids.  With a beautiful and quirky design, iScream is set up as a wooden ice cream truck inside the shop premises with an emphasis on bringing around some super strong nostalgia.  If you’re looking for the chance to be zapped back to your childhood, head on over to iScream at La Mer.  iScream isn’t just about the ice cream and décor, though, they also have some fantastic other little activities to do while you’re relaxing in the store.  You can jump onto the football table if you fancy challenging a friend or pick up some of the skipping ropes and see if you can still rock the rope.  You can play hopscotch on the marked game board on the floor or even settle down and have a few games on the PS4 or watch some old classic cartoons.

Some of the flavours you can get from iScream are, of course, all of the usual suspects but you can also try out things like curry, kulfi, ube, Emirati coffee, umm ali, wasabi, ginger, matcha green tea, halawa, dates and a lot more.  If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from something different, this is definitely the place for you.

You’ll find iScream at La Mer.

Read some more about iScream at La Mer at their website.

Amorinos Ice Cream

When you think of ice cream, you might not think of some of the beautiful sculptured designs and creations you can get from Amorinos in Dubai, but it only adds to the experience of enjoying some of the amazing flavours they offer when you can get yourself, for example, gelato served in the shape of a rose.  On top of the normal ice cream flavours you can also try out everything from mango to passionfruit.

Their locations around Dubai at Dubai Festival City, Dubai Design District, City Walk and the Dubai Mall mean you’re never far from one of their delicious creations.

Godiva Chocolate Cafe

Now, if you’re just looking to truly indulge yourself in some of the best chocolate ice cream in the world, you’re going to want to visit the Godiva Chocolate Café.  With all of the flavours you’ll be expecting from this chocolate giant, you’ll be glad you saved some room for desert.

Find the Godiva Chocolate Café at City Walk.

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