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Popular cuisines in Dubai

Most Popular Cuisines in Dubai

Food is one of the most ever-present things in Dubai, I dare you to try and go 2 miles in any direction and not coming across at least 4 different types of food places.  It’s just one of those things that has permeated the culture so deeply, and we all love it.  The Dubai Stone doesn’t come from nowhere.

Dubai’s food is best enjoyed from a cheap hotel in Dubai but you can also just, you know, be living here because we don’t really need an excuse to eat something delicious, do we?

Try out each of these restaurants to really get a taste of the culture.


Mexican Food is an international favourite, with a spicy twist on most dishes, you’re definitely in for either a burning mouth or some of the healthiest food around.

You can enjoy some of the best Mexican food in Dubai at Poco Loco, this Latin American restaurant is a modernised version of a traditional eatery that you would find in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela or any of the other Latin American countries.

Poco Loco can be found at The Beach in Jumeirah opposite Jumeirah Beach Residences and is a great place for food and live music.


Chinese is something else which is always hugely popular with us Brits, we love a good Chinese and an authentic Chinese restaurant will win our custom until the end of time.

Enjoy some of the best Westernised Chinese mixtures which we all know and love at Hakkasan, one of the most highly decorated Chinese Restaurants in Jumeirah Emirates Towers.  Traditional food, cooked by real Chinese chefs with traditional techniques and fresh locally sourced ingredients, you can get all the real flavour of China.


Can you ever truly beat a good Italian restaurant?  Pizza, pasta, sauces, garlic, mushrooms and all of the great flavours and textures we know and love.

Get your Italian fix at none other than Bussola, this fantastic restaurant has an amazing sea view due to its location at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina and is known for being an elegant Italian dining experience.


One of the most popular cuisines and some of the most well-known dishes and flavours from international cuisine, Indian food is another British staple.  Going out for an Indian is a time honoured tradition and is something we believe should be carried into the next generation with some vigour.

Try out a signature Indian dish at Gazebo, one of the most popular Indian restaurants across the whole United Arab Emirates.  There are restaurants literally everywhere across the country and they’ve been going for more than 15 years, so they’re doing something right.


You can’t beat Arabian food in Arabia, can you?  Get this truly authentic experience of eating the food of the land where you.  What better way to experience the UAE than through its food and the food of the neighbouring countries?  Arabic food is some of the tastiest food you can possibly find.

This Lebanese restaurant offers some of the best traditional Arabic food, right in the Address Downtown in one of the most prestigious areas of Dubai, you can enjoy some of the best Arabic food in town.

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