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Oman visa rules

Oman’s New Visa Rules

Oman, one of the most popular tourist destinations for residents of Dubai when you’re seeking a mini break or visitors who are willing to travel a little bit further to get the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the world, announced that they are implementing new visa rules just last year and now there’s been another update regarding the methods of getting a visa for Oman.

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Planning a Trip?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to just hop in the car on a whim and head down to Oman, you might be a little bit inconvenienced by this but if you’re the kind of person who actually plans things in advance, it might not be so bad.

There are new rules for the Omani border wherein you’re required to arrange your visa beforehand through their brand new Oman eVisa website.  You must make your arrangements in advance if you’re planning to enter the country because you can no longer just turn up at the border and apply for your visa at a service desk like you previously could.

These brand new visa rules for Oman will come into effect fully on the 21st of March and will take advantage of their brand new Oman eVisa system.

Omani eVisa System

This brand new system, although slightly inconvenient for some people, is actually an amazing technological leap for Oman.  Allowing their visa system to be run completely online means there are less human errors, less human resources required and overall a faster and simpler experience for everybody involved.

It’s quite simple to use, you’re just required to fill out an online form, attach your documents and then pay your fee all in one place.  You’ll get your visa via email, which is pretty cool.

Some nationalities either don’t require a visa or can receive a free visa, to check if you’re one of the lucky few nationalities you can head over to the Oman eVisa Eligibility Wizard and try to apply for an unsponsored visa.

The current fees for an Omani tourist visa are around 20 OMR (£37) per person but you can now stay for up to a month on this visa.

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