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The Yard-Dubai hangout at Al Khawaneej

The New Urban Destination in Dubai: The Yard

Okay, we admit it, Dubai’s not one of those places where it’s easy to run out of things to do and sometimes you just need a break from the constant bombardment of, ‘This new this, and, ‘That new that.’  But, on saying that, one of the more recent developments in Dubai is something a little bit more unusual and something you might just be willing to travel out to visit.  This unique new urban destination is being touted as a, ‘suburban hideaway,’ and is brand new and recently opened to the public.

The next time you’re staying at one of the many fantastic hotels in Dubai, make sure you take some time to pop over to The Yard.

The Yard

This brand new area in Dubai has recently just opened, last Thursday on the 25th of January 2018, and is now accepting visitors and the initial reception is rather well received.  Located in the Al Khawaneej area, this brand new development has just opened up a whole number of great new things to see and do while you’re in Dubai.

Al Khawaneej as an area is one of the areas in Dubai with the highest concentration of locals and is now seeing a huge boom in developments and improvements to the area, utilising the open space and becoming more of a tourist hotspot as well as somewhere for locals and residents alike to enjoy a common area.

The Yard will also include one of our favourite food truck hotspots, Last Exit D89, which we’re so glad about.  It’ll be nice to have something else to do rather than just indulge on the fantastic burgers and food from these food trucks.

Covering an area of around 350,000 square feet, The Yard has the hopes of spanning an area of around 2.8 million square feet within the next few years, and will become a central destination within Dubai for the people in and around Al Khawaneej.

The Yard is going to be offering a number of different things to see and do while you’re enjoying this brand new addition to Dubai’s places-to-see, such as a bakery, courtyard, organic farmer’s market, retail units, a lake with two bridges, walking trails and picnic spots.  You’ll also be able to get your fill of delicious food from the number of restaurants setting up there with both indoor air conditioned areas and outdoor seating areas for when the weather is right.

One of the bridges over the lake are going to be an incredibly romantic, ‘Promise Bridge.’  The idea of a Promise Bridge is that you and somebody who means a lot to you can travel together to the bridge, bringing along a padlock of your choosing, which you’ll lock onto the bridge and throw away the key, to signify a promise that will never be broken.  Whether this is a declaration of love, friendship or, ‘I promise I’ll always feed your cat when you’re away,’ the idea of a promise bridge in Dubai is going to be a big hit.

This family-friendly and open initiative will hopefully help to open up the areas of Dubai which are previously not somewhere people tend to gravitate to, as the surrounding area is primarily considered to be mostly farms and agricultural land.

There’s going to be plenty of parking at The Yard as well as numerous drop-off and pick-up points, meaning it’ll be accessible and easy to get to.

The Yard will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can visit this new hotspot at any time.

You’ll find The Yard by Last Exit D89 in Al Khawaneej near Mushrif Park.

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