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New online visa application for visitors to Oman

New Rules to Visit Oman

The proximity of Oman to Dubai means that mini-breaks in Oman while you’re in Dubai as a resident, visitor or for business is definitely a possibility and a nice change of scenery.  The Omani border is not far from Dubai to drive, flights are cheap and plentiful and there is an awful lot of fantastic things to see and do in Oman and where it was quite easy to get a visa upon arrival in Oman, from March 21st, 2018, the rules concerning visas is about to change for Oman.  See how it might affect you.


Oman is an Arab country just south of the United Arab Emirates, with a prominent position upon the Persian Gulf and a southern border against Yemen, Oman has an incredible strategic position but has since become a major centre for tourism in the Middle East.  With many travellers visiting Oman from the GCC countries themselves as well as international travellers from Europe and a thriving expat community, Oman has some beautiful and natural scenic areas as well as some amazing activities to do.

New Visa Rules

If you’re planning a visit to Oman, you might have been expecting to apply for a visa upon arrival but from March 21st, 2018, you may be required to apply for your visa online before you travel.  Whereas previously you could pop down to Oman on a whim, you might have to put a little bit more planning into your trips from now on.

All applications for tourist and express visas will have to organised via the Royal Oman Police eVisa website.  It is still a relatively simple process though, there is a simple online form to fill out.  Then you’re required to attach your travel documents and pay a fee through a secure online gateway.

You’ll receive your visa via email shortly after and you’ll use this to enter the country, cutting down the need to go through manual visa processes at the border.  This should hopefully cut down the amount of time people spend at the border of Oman.

The tourist visa fee for Oman is currently 20 Omani Rials (£37) and you can find out which visas you might be eligible for by visiting the website and going through the, ‘Apply for unsponsored visa,’ form.

To check out the Royal Oman Police eVisa website, visit here.

To check the Unsponsored Visa Eligibility form, click here.

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