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Deira Mall to be the biggest in Dubai

The New Largest Mall in Dubai: Deira Mall

Dubai has held the record for having the largest shopping mall in the world for a number of years, as long as holding a number of other world records for various things such as the world’s tallest building, the largest picture frame in the world, the largest cup of tea and a lot more.  However, the currently world record held by the Dubai Mall is about to be overtaken by another mall right here in Dubai, Deira Mall.  The new largest mall in Dubai is set to open within 2021, with construction beginning this year.

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Deira Mall

Dubai is known as being one of the destinations around the world where people flock to if they’re looking to spend some cash at some of the best shops in the world.  With a number of brands having a location in arguably one of the most famous shopping locations in the world, The Dubai Mall, you will usually find that each brand showcases the best of the best of their selection of products right here in Dubai.

Well, Dubai’s about to get even more reasons to continue to make the trip just for shopping, with the addition of Deira Mall to Dubai’s ever growing list of fantastic shopping destinations.

Deira Mall, as the name suggests, will be located in Deira on the Deira Islands development and will boast an incredibly impressive 4.5 million square feet of gross leasable space.  Compared to The Dubai Mall’s current 3.77 million square feet of gross leasable space, you can plainly see that Deira Mall will easily take over as the largest shopping mall.

Deira Mall is expected to become the home of more than 1,000 shops, restaurants and cafes along with the usual assortment of department stores, supermarkets, cinema and supposedly  15,000 square ft entertainment area.

As Dubai loves to do, the mall wouldn’t be complete with some major unique selling point, which will come in the form of a retractable glass roof, designed with cutting edge technology, this incredible engineering feat will allow the whole rooftop of the mall to retract during the winter months and allow an open-air shopping experience while allowing in a lot of natural light during the summer period.

We can expect construction to begin on Deira Mall this year, in 2018, with the expected completion date set at 2021, let’s hope it will be complete by then because the whole Deira Islands project is looking to be quite an interesting development overall.

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