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United arab Emirates Cycling Tour

A New Cycling Mega Tour in Dubai

Dubai is not only a centre for innovation, technology, invention and finance, it’s also got a very strong focus on increasing the wellbeing of its populace with a lot of major sporting events taking place, sporting initiatives and more across the whole city.  Here’s another of the fantastic sporting events in Dubai.

If you’re big on watching or taking part in cycling tours, you’ll want to know all about the affordable hotels in Dubai.

On Your Bike!

The UAE has already been the home of a number of amazing cycling tours from around the world but, soon, both the Dubai Tour and the Abu Dhabi Tour are going to be joining up their forces to create one simply mega tour.

This brand new cycling tour is set to be one of the biggest cycling events from around the world and will be kicking off in 2019 for the very first time.  The combined draw of each major cycling event is likely to bring together crowds as such that the UAE has never seen before.

The brand new cycling tour was signed and set up by Arif Al Awani, the Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council.  The two Secretary Generals of Sports Council for each emirate decided that the combination of the two sports is likely to create a major sporting event in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates Tour

The UAE tour will be the first combined race in the UAE and will consist of seven stages across a full seven days and will allow the UAE to keep hold of its lucrative status as UCI World Tour operator.

The Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Counsel, Al Awani, has been quoted as saying, ‘It is time to elevate the success we have had from both the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Tours to another level.  The nature of the UAE has always been to have a united passion.  The instructions have come from our leadership that we should utilise the success that we have got as one nation.’


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