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Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai

To be honest, I could write multiple articles about Motiongate Dubai by Dubai Parks and Resorts. The whole experience is amazing, the park is brilliantly designed, it’s reasonably priced and even the food is amazing. It really is the whole package when it comes to a theme park and that’s not really something that’s common in the world.

Motiongate Dubai is located under an hour’s drive from Deira, so if you manage to get a cheap hotel in Deira Dubai, you’re not too far, really. Motiongate is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, just a bit further out than Al Maktoum International Airport and almost to the border of Abu Dhabi, but you don’t actually cross into Abu Dhabi. Clearly, Dubai Parks and Resorts are appealing to both residents and tourists of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, very clever.

Motiongate is a Hollywood inspired theme park. What does that mean?

Well, the best definition I can give you is simply by listing the theme park’s zones’ names.

  • Columbia Pictures
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • The Smurfs’ Village
  • Lionsgate (Still under construction)

With the exception of The Smurfs’ Village, you can clearly see the Hollywood influence from these three major film studios and producers. Although, The Smurfs’ movie in 2011 was actually produced by Columbia Pictures, who’d have thought it?

Although these four zones are the locations of the major rides and attractions, there is also a smaller section named Studio Central that is modelled after a Hollywood high street with retailers and dining experiences available to you.

You begin your journey in Studio Central, where walking down the streets will have you convinced you’re in Hollywood. The set designs are amazing. As you walk down you can pop into some of the shops around to look at merchandise or grab a bite to eat or something to drink.

Then, you come out into the main, ‘atrium,’ for lack of a better word of the park. A wide circular fountain sits in the middle with the entrances to each of the zones around the edge with life-size statues all-around of characters from your favourite films.

You can opt to go for any zone first, but if you’ve arrived in the afternoon sun I would recommend the DreamWorks Animation studio first, as it is all indoors. As you walk into the studio you’ll come across the Fountain of Dreams, an amazing sculpture fountain featuring all of the most loved characters. Around this fountain are the entrances to the smaller sub-zones within DreamWorks.

You can choose from:

  • Shrek
  • Madagascar
  • How to Train your Dragon
  • Kung Fu Panda

As you step through each zone you’ll be transported to the middle of the film, each zone has themed rides and restaurants. You’ll feel like you’re actually there, which is bizarre to say the least but you’ll love it.

After that you can head off to the Columbia Pictures zone, an outdoor area, featuring rides and attractions from the following films:

  • Hotel Transylvania
  • The Green Hornet
  • Zombieland
  • Ghostbusters
  • Underworld
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Each ride, on its own, is convincing as any of the themed areas in DreamWorks but they each operate as standalone experiences rather than an all-encompassing collective.

Next, head on over to The Smurfs’ Village. Aimed at the younger crowd, The Smurf’s Village is definitely every child’s dream. Help them to discover The Smurfs in their own way through The Smurfberry Factory or the Smurfs Studio Tours. There’s plenty to learn about those little blue fellas.

Jump onto the Smurf Village Express and see the whole village from a comfortable vantage point.

Lastly, Lionsgate is currently only offering a performance by Step Up Dubai, All In! A fantastic show full of energy, dancing and acting. This hop-hop street dance performance will have you tapping your foot along with it and it will make you want to leave the car and breakdance all the way home.

Coming soon to Lionsgate are two The Hunger Games themed rides, Panem Aerial Tour and the Capitol Bullet Train but they are not yet open. We’re excited to see them when they are, though!

Tickets for Motiongate are as follows:

Tourists pay 235 AED (£47).

Residents pay 165 AED (£33).

An annual pass just for Motiongate is 275 AED (£55).

An annual pass for two parks within Dubai Parks and Resorts is 430 AED (£87).

An annual pass for every park is 525 AED (£106).

Dubai Parks and Resorts consists of three theme parks: Motiongate DubaiBollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai. Then you’ve got one waterpark, Legoland Water Park and, finally, a themed retail and dining area named Riverland Dubai. Coming in 2019 will be Six Flags Dubai, too.

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