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Masterchef in Dubai

MasterChef Restaurant Coming to Dubai

I don’t know about you, but ever since I started watching MasterChef I’ve wanted nothing more than to sit in a recreation of the set while I enjoy some of the fantastic dishes they’ve been creating.  Just me?  Well, I guess I’m getting my wish.

MasterChef in Dubai

A completely brand new and unique concept is coming to Dubai, with the MasterChef restaurant.  This brand new restaurant is going to be located at the Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel, and it’s going to be able to showcase some of the amazing dishes and creations direct from the contestants of MasterChef itself.

The famous TV show, known around the world for some of the more colourful linguistic choices of the original host, chef Gordon Ramsay, has been incredibly successful in the 8 years it’s been running.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, MasterChef is a reality TV show where chefs are pitted against each other in a battle of the skills to see who the ultimate chef is.  The TV show pulls in contestants from around the world and has them create unique and signature dishes which are judged and scored by judges.

The MasterChef restaurant in Dubai is going to be modelled after the iconic set of the MasterChef TV show and will feature a menu that’s constantly changing and evolving, with some of the dishes and meals created and imagined by real contestants and winners from the TV Show.

It’ll be a fantastic selection of dishes and we’re pretty sure that Gordon Ramsay himself won’t be there screaming obscenities at us.  At least, we hope not anyway because although it would make for a memorable experience, it might not be too fun.

With the current title of the most popular cooking TV show in the world, MasterChef also hopes to become one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai.  With no set-in-stone open date, we’re not entirely sure when it’s coming but we do know it’s coming and, fingers crossed, it’ll be sometime soon because we cannot wait to dig in and taste some of that famous lamb sauce.


You’ll be able to find the MasterChef restaurant at the Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel in the Dubai Marina.

Read some more about the Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel here.

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