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Legoland Waterpark

Legoland Water Park Dubai

Legoland Waterpark

With 20 water slides and Lego themed attractions, Legoland Waterpark is a fun family day out if you can find a cheap hotel in Dubai.

Everybody loves waterparks. Unless you’re allergic to water, or fun.

Anyway, for everybody else there’s Legoland Waterpark Dubai.

Designed with families with children aged 2-12 in mind, Legoland Waterpark Dubai is the ideal day out for the whole family.

Legoland Waterpark has specific Duplo play areas for some of the younger kids, so don’t feel like they’re not going to have as much fun as the older ones!

Take part in the Build-A-Boat challenge and see if you can design an unsinkable masterpiece and test it out in a friendly competition or cooperative attraction. See who’s boat can last the longest or pool your ideas together and build the ultimate boat!

Keeping in the spirit of building, try out the Build-A-Raft! Customise your own tube with huge Lego bricks and then parade it in front of everybody along the lazy river. Don’t worry, the Lego bricks are soft, so no worries about if they fall off or are knocked around a bit.

If you’re in the competitive spirit, there are a few racing options for you to try out.

Twin Chasers pits you against each other in this dual body-slide type racer. See who can reach the bottom first and make sure mum or dad are ready with the camera for a photo finish.

For more participants, head over to Lego Slide Racers, where 6 people can race down the slide on mats.

For the braver bunch, pop down to Splash Out. A 60ft drop of an open body slide into the wading pool below!

Or, go all out on the Waver Rider, speeding down a 240ft ramp into the waters at the bottom. This one’s an open top slide, so make sure you check out the view!

Twist ‘N’ Spin is a great slide for two people or solo sliders. A tube slide, it’s an experience to remember.

If the whole family are fans of slides, Red Rush is the one for you. Everybody piles inside on family size raft and heads down a 312ft track! This ride also features an 11ft half-pipe for some extra excitement. Fun for the whole family.

Don’t forget the Joker Soaker, an interactive playground for kids of all ages to enjoy. Watch out for that bucket, though, or else you’ll be in for a 300-gallon soaking surprise!

Finally, what waterpark would be complete without a Wave Pool? The Lego Wave Pool is the idea size for the whole family to enjoy together. The waves are gentle and safe so even the youngest can have fun at Legoland Waterpark Dubai.

How much does Legoland Waterpark Dubai cost?

Tickets are 235 AED (£47) for tourists and 165 AED (£33).

An annual pass for two parks within Dubai Parks and Resorts is 430 AED (£87).

An annual pass for every park is 525 AED (£106).

Dubai Parks and Resorts consists of three theme parks: Motiongate DubaiBollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai. Then you’ve got one waterpark, Legoland Water Park and, finally, a themed retail and dining area named Riverland Dubai. Coming in 2019 will be Six Flags Dubai, too.

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