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Guide To Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is an incredibly important part of life in Dubai as, being a Muslim country, a large percentage of the population will be taking part in the Holy Month of Ramadan in order to fulfil their duties to their religion.

Ramadan will affect everybody in Dubai, though, so make sure you’re all clued up on Ramadan in Dubai.

Information on Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is going to take place in May, although the date has not yet been officially announced we’re fairly sure it’ll happen around the 15th or 16th of May, 2018.  As Ramadan is right around the corner, it’s probably best if you familiarise yourself a little with some of the rules and tips concerning Ramadan so that you don’t accidentally make any social faux pas.

Some of the main points to remember during Ramadan is that eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum in public during the daylight hours is quite strictly forbidden and is incredibly disrespectful to those taking part in Ramadan.

Also, you should remember that Ramadan is a very Holy Month for Muslims and it’s required for you to dress modestly and respectfully (no bikini tops!)

Follow this helpful DO and DON’T list for Ramadan in Dubai.


  • Dress appropriately, modestly and respectfully at all times. Cover your knees and shoulders when in public as a sign of respect.
  • Be respectful of those around you, be mindful of what you say in front of others. For example, if a friend or co-worker is fasting, don’t complain about skipping breakfast or not being able to grab your usual Starbucks order.
  • Travel earlier, as the roads will get incredible busy as soon as the sun starts to set.
  • Say, ‘Ramadan Kareem,’ and, ‘Ramadan Mubarak,’ as greetings.
  • Be charitable. Ramadan is all about charity, kindness and helping others.


  • Please do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum during the day in public. Not only is it incredibly rule and disrespectful to those around you but it’s also punishable by the law.
  • Play loud music in public. Please use headphones in public and keep your radio volume down in your car.
  • Swear in public, it’s a big no-no during Ramadan.

Ramadan is a great time in Dubai, so make the most of it and accept any invitations to an Iftar meal, it’ll be an amazing experience.

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