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Get creative at Quoz Arts Fest

Enjoying art is one of those things that seems to come with maturity, as you progress through life you begin to cultivate this appreciation for art, creativity and the emotions and feelings it can produce while you create or consume the art that has been created.

Dubai is becoming a huge centre point around the world for culture, creativity and art and the Quoz Arts Fest is one of the events that has helped to put Dubai on the map globally for being a driving force in the arts world.

Quoz Arts Fest gives you a great opportunity to check out some of the cheap hotels in Dubai so you can really enjoy the culture of Dubai.

Quoz Arts Fest

Quoz Arts Fest will be running as a two-day event this year for the sixth year in a row.  This fantastic event, at Alserkal Avenue, hopes to showcase some of the most beautiful galleries and creative spaces you can find in Dubai.  With live entertainment taking place across the two days, every member of the family will be entertained as well as guided tours of the galleries and pieces throughout the area.

There’s going to be buskers, dancers and DJs performing a across the two days with an interactive audience-participation dance performance by Sima Dance Company.

While you’re at Quoz Arts Fest you can also have a look at the marketplace that’s going to pop up where you can purchase some of the local products created by local businesses and creatives in Dubai.

Of course, us foodies also won’t be able to turn down the fantastic food trucks that are going to be dotted around Quoz Arts Fest, either.

Alserkal Avenue

Quoz Arts Fest will be taking place at Alserkal Avenue, which was the gulf’s very first art hub and definitely the most popular.  Set up in 2007 in order to help promote and encourage the artistic abilities and creative of the art scene in Dubai, Alserkal Avenue hopes to help artists pursue their talents and create some of the best art in the UAE.

Located right in the industrial sector of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue is a fantastic area some a heavy focus on creativity, with specially designed warehouses full of galleries, art pieces and more, you can navigate through the public spaces full of artistic collaboration and artistic dialogue where creators can meet to combine their talents and product amazing pieces of art.

Alserkal Avenue began as a collection of 20 warehouses, and then in 2015 it was expanded to allow a few more local businesses to set up within the area.  Alserkal Avenue also includes creative spaces for artists not seeking to make a profit, residency programs, spaces for projects, concept stores, theatres, cinema and more.


Quoz Arts Fest will be taking place on the 26th of January, 2018, and also on the 27th of January, 2018.

The fest will open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM both days.


Thankfully, this is another fantastic free event taking place in Dubai.

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