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Bateaux Dubai in Bur Dubai

Exciting Dining Experiences in Dubai

Exciting Dining Experiences in Dubai

Let it never be said that eating in Dubai is a boring and nominal affair.  Dubai offers up some of the absolute best when it comes to dining, cuisine and food so one of the ways a restaurant makes a name for itself is by creating a unique and exciting experience to enjoy while you dine.

Check out some of these fantastic exciting dining experiences you can only get in Dubai and if any of them pique your interest, well, get on to booking your cheap hotel in Dubai so you can take advantage of some of these amazing opportunities.

You-F-O (Coming Soon!)

What it is:  This one hasn’t quite landed yet in Dubai although UT’s coming pretty soon.  This brand new project will be giving you, friends, family and co-workers the opportunity to hang in the air at around 130 ft (40 metres) where you can have a lovely relaxing drink.  Well, maybe relaxing isn’t the right word.

While you’re up in the air you’ll be treated to amazing 360 degree unobstructed views of the city around you, letting you build a new appreciation for the skyline of Dubai from this safe and freeing experience.

The night time opportunities definitely offer one of the best views of Dubai you’ll ever get.

Where it is:  You’ll find Flying Cup, when it opens, on JBR Beach.

When to go:  Once it’s opened, Flying Cup will be running from Sunday to Wednesday 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM midnight and then on Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM.

How much it is:  Flying Cup is going to offer up this amazing and unique opportunity for around 75 AED (£15) per person.

You spin me right round baby, right round

What it is:  Providing you’re not a sufferer of motion sickness and don’t have a solid ingrained fear of heights, Al Dawaar revolving restaurant is one of the most unique experiences you can get.  This gently rotating restaurant gives you solid 360 views of Dubai’s sights while you enjoy your delicious meals.  A few revolutions make for a pretty good time-lapse, too.

Where it is:  You’ll find Al Dawaar at the Hyatt Regency Dubai in Deira.

Private and Luxurious

What it is:  This amazing and private dinner experiences gives you the opportunity to relax on The Royal Beach at Atlantis The Palm, under the night’s sky with the waves softly lapping nearby while you enjoy your meal in a purpose built marquee just for the two of you.  This one’s pretty expensive, though, with prices starting from 3,000 AED (£600).

Where it is:  Royal Beach Dinner from Atlantis The Palm in Jumeirah.

Romantic Dinner Cruise

What it is:  What’s more romantic than the sea?  Powerful and never-ceasing, bring your partner along on a cruise through the waterways of Dubai with Bateaux Dubai’s romantic dinner dates.  Delicious food and amazing views are on offer but double check they don’t get seasick, first.  That might spoil the mood.

Where it is:  Bateaux Dubai in Bur Dubai.


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