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Coffee at Tub of Butter Dubai

Exciting Coffee Experiences in Dubai

Most of us living here in Dubai start our day off with a cup of coffee and whether you’re a fan of instant coffee, a home brewer or a coffee connoisseur, half of the enjoyment of our morning coffee is the ritual and the experience.

Why not try out some of these great new hybrid cafes around Dubai where you can get a side of excitement with your coffee.  Whether you’re a morning drinker, a night coffee consumer or anything in between, there’s something here for everybody while you’re staying at your cheap hotel in Dubai (or living here, we won’t tell).

Tub of Butter

What it is:  Tub of Butter is a fantastic coffee shop with a signature and unique art style where they can recreate some of the most iconic faces on the planet in the foam of your cappuccino.  Tub of Butter is a baker, café and restaurant combined with a pretty decent selection of food you can buy to take home.  Enjoy this international retail unit for food and don’t forget to grab a coffee either on your way in or out.  Sometimes you need a bit of extra oomph to get around a shop, we know.

Where it is:  Tub of Butter on Umm Al Sheif on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Popular across Instagram feeds for the famous faces (from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson and UAE royals) that they make on their cappuccinos, Tub of Butter isn’t just a café. It’s a restaurant and bakery. Plus, it houses a retail section stocked with artisanal products from around the world. Looking for jams, pastas and olive oil? You’ll find it here.

Where: Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road

Comptoir 102

What it is:  Comptoir 102 is an incredible award winning café with an emphasis on health and wellbeing while you enjoy your coffee.  Using only local organic ingredients, the menu has a delicious selection of food that not only tastes great but is a lot better for you than some of the alternatives.  They cater to everybody, whether you’re dairy free, a vegan, sugar free, gluten free or anything else they pretty much cover every dietary need you might have.

The coffee shop itself is situated inside a store with some of the most interest art pieces we’ve ever seen.

Where it is:  Comptoir 102 is on Beach Road in Jumeirah.

Select Frame Shop

What it is:  This amazing little Japanese style culture shop gives you a taste of the Orient while you enjoy your speciality coffee.  You can grab some authentic Japanese ramen while you’re there, too.  Grab your little bits around the shop and enjoy the delicious food and drink.

Where it is:  Selection Frame Shop is in Building 7 at the Dubai Design District.

Amongst Few Café

What it is:  Jumeirah Beach is one of our most favourite places in Dubai and the Amongst Few Café is an extraordinary little artsy café, built with a solid design with cement and huge heavy blocks, the café looks like it could really weather a storm.  With coffee coming from the Kaffa province and roasted in the UAE, you can enjoy some of the select signature drinks at Amongst Few Café along with seasonal and fusion dishes, too.

Shop while you eat and drink in the cool youth-centric retail shop with sneakers, vinyl records and sweatshirts.

Where it is:  Amongst Few Café is on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Roseleaf Café

What it is:  The Roseleaf Café on Sheikh Zayed Road is a fantastic single origin speciality coffee with a huge plant and flower garden where you can shop indoor and outdoor for real and artificial plants, soil and gardening tools.

Where it is:  The Roseleaf Café is on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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