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Best avocado on toast dishes in dubai

Dubai’s Top Avocado on Toast Dishes

Avocado on toast has taken the world by storm and for good reason, this delicious and healthy dish is filling and good for you.  What more could you ask for?

Find out where to get the best avocado on toast in all of Dubai with this great helpful list and while you’re at it, check out some of these amazing cheap hotels in Dubai, too.

Crumpets and Avocado

What it is:  This fantastic concoction is, well, not really avocado on toast but avocado on one of our favourite British breakfast foods, crumpets.  This is a delicious avocado, tomato and radish spread on top of fluffy crumpets.

Where it is:  You’ll find these at Reform Social & Grill at Emirates Living.

How much you’ll pay:  If you want to dig in to Avocado Crumpets, you’re going to pay 35 AED (£7).

Norlander Rye Toast and Avocado

What it is:  This fantastic classic Avocado on toast was created by the Michelin star restaurant owner brother duo Chris and Jeff Galvin, who utilise the typical smashed avocado you’re used to on top of a Norlander rye loaf with delicious crispy veal bacon and a poached egg.

Where it is:  You’ll find this dish at Demoiselle by Galvin at City Walk in Al Safa Street.

How much you’ll pay:  This avocado toast combo will cost you 56 AED (£11).

Poached Eggs, Avocado and Cheese on Toast, perfect

What it is:  Fumé has always been one of our favourite restaurants and this combination of avocado, toast, eggs and cheese is a unique twist on your typical avocado on toast.  The addition of cheese mixes well with the avocado and the healthy fats combine to make a delicious and filling dish.

Where it is:  Fumé can be found on Pier 7 at the Dubai Marina.

How much you’ll pay:  This avocado, egg and cheese on toast can be tasted for only 48 AED (£10).

Avocado Toast with Halloumi

What it is:  This one brings in a little hint of the Middle East with the addition of halloumi and hummus into this delicious avocado on toast.  It’s tomatoes, beetroot hummus and halloumi all layered onto a delicious slice of perfectly toasted bread.

Where it is:  Jolie is down at City Walk in Al Safa Street.

How much you’ll pay:  Avocado Toast from Jolie will cost you 49 AED (£10).

Delicious Avocado Toast with Roasted Almonds

What it is:  This delicious café offers up some of the absolute best breakfast dishes that we’ve seen in Dubai and this unique twist on your regular old avocado toast brings in the addition of roasted almonds, tomatoes and watermelon salad.  These extra flavours mix so well with avocado toast that you start to wonder why you’ve never thought of it before.

Where it is:  Parlour Boutique is at One Central at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.

How much you’ll pay:  This delicious dish can be had for 38 AED (£8).

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