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Night view of the Dubai Canal

Dubai’s Canals Finally Opening

Dubai has some of the most beautiful waterways cutting through the Dubai Creek and, until now, you’ve been quite restricted on some of the best ways of seeing them.  Well, coming very soon (as in, this February), you’ll be able to finally take advantage of the scenic routes through Dubai with the Dubai Canal opening up.

Ferry your way through Dubai with this beautiful and iconic trip which will serve as a water taxi and a tourist hotspot.

Dubai Canal Ferry

The Dubai Canal will be opening up along with a few other water stations along the canal and Creek, where you’ll be able to jump onto some of the ferries travelling from the Dubai Marina all the way along to Business Bay.  This brand new way of getting around Dubai will be a lovely and relaxing alternative to some of the busy roads that are around the area and may well serve to relieve some of the congestion on the roads, too.

The brand new water stations will be set up at Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park, Al Wasl, Jumeirah and Dubai Canal, and then you’ll also have stations brought along Business Bay with the Dubai Design District Station, Al Wajeha Station, Al Maeyah Station, Marasi Station and, finally, Business Bay Station.  These nine stations along the Dubai Canal will become the new metro stations of Dubai.  With a ferry service running from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM, it might well just be the best new way of getting around Dubai.  That is until the autonomous flying taxis take over, but until then, a lovely scenic route through the Dubai Canal might just be the best way to start your day.


Of course, the new canal ferry system won’t be free but it will be an affordable and easy way of getting around Dubai.  Fares will begin at around 15 AED (£3) for one station, 25 AED (£5) for two, 35 AED (£7) for three stations, 45 AED (£9) for four stations and, finally, 50 AED (£10) to cover the whole line.  There will also be Gold Standard seats available, which will start at 25 AED (£5) for one station, 35 AED (£7) for two stations, 50 AED (£10) for three stations, 60 AED (£12) for four stations and, again, 75 AED (£14.50) to cover the whole line.


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