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Dubai Safari is now open

Dubai Safari is now open!

Dubai Safari has finally opened up its gates and is now allowing members of the public completely free access to the Safari Park for two weeks from Tuesday the 12th of December, so get there while you can.  The Dubai Safari has been one of the most anticipated things to come to Dubai for a while now and it certainly lives up to the hype.

The Dubai Safari was an initiative by the Dubai Municipality and was a 1 billion AED (£204 million) project to create a new Safari zone with an emphasis on animal welfare and to be a space for a lot of the endangered animals that pass through Dubai, with more than 70 dangerous reptiles who were previously seized from their owners after a partnership with the Sharjah Breeding Centre.  This fantastic new wildlife initiative at the Dubai Safari will certainly make for some fantastic days out, especially if you combine it with some of the great cheap hotels in Dubai.

The Dubai Safari is split up into a series of different zones, each themed to a specific part of the world or environment.  At the moment, each zone is designated a Village name and the current Villages in operation are the African Village, Arabian Village and the Open Safari Village.  There’s also the Asian Village which is set to open soon.

The African Village

The African Village is by far the largest zone within the whole park, with itself being split up into two smaller subsections named the African Savannah and the African Rainforest.  The buildings within the African Village are designed and styled to give you a sense of true Africa and is currently home to more than 20 different kinds of animals.

In the African Village at the Dubai Safari, once it’s officially opened, there will be a huge host of African performances and a lot of new scaled and furry friends to spend some time with.  Currently, the African Village is home to some of the most beautiful white lions you’ll ever see, so don’t forget to check them out.  They’re really quite friendly, too, and not at all afraid to come up and say hello to visitors.

Arabian Village

The Arabian Village is a guided tour by bus, where you’ll be taken through a variety of different environments and see some of the animals that would call it home.  You’ll begin by passing through some desert land, where you’ll find all of the usual suspects and then you’ll be moving through into rocky mountain land.  After some time you’ll, again, move through into a meadowland.  Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the flora as much as the fauna.

Open Safari Village

The Open Safari Village is another tour-by-bus zone at the Dubai Safari, this zone is known as being the, ‘Heart of the Dubai Safari,’ and is certainly one of the main attractions.  You’ll be taken through the homes of some of the most impressive and fearsome creatures of the wild.  You can see some of the most beautiful lions, Siberian tigers, baboons, crocodiles and more while you’re travelling through the Open Safari Village.

Asian Village (Coming Soon!)

The Asian Village is not yet open however it will be another walking-around zone, where you can feel like you’ve been transported to Eastern Asia, where the buildings again will be designed and styled in the traditional Eastern Asian theme.  There’s going to be plenty of plants and animals that would call this place home around, so we’re really looking forward to this one opening up.

Opening Hours and Cost

The Dubai Safari is currently staying open from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM, at least until January, things may change with the official grand opening.

Currently, entry is completely free but we’re expecting things to change with the grand opening, where ticket prices will likely be based on which villages you want to visit.  We’ve heard that a full access ticket for an adult will cost around 85 AED (£17) per person and for children it’ll be 30 AED (£6) per person.

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