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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Riverland Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a relatively new theme park collective which opened in Dubai in December 2016. It is the Middle East’s largest integrated leisure and theme park destination.

Dubai Parks and Resorts covers 25 million square feet of absolute fun. It’s made up of a few different parts which all work together to form one truly amazing destination.

Three of these parts are theme parks: Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai. Then you’ve got one waterpark, Legoland Water Park and, finally, a themed retail and dining area named Riverland Dubai. Coming in 2019 will be Six Flags Dubai, too.

At the moment Dubai Parks and Resorts contains over 100 rides and attractions.

Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai is like taking a leap back in time. The French Village, the image of 1600s European architecture, will have you wondering whether you’ve fallen over into a time machine. With a waterwheel and towers, you’ll think you’re about to witness the Renaissance first-hand.

As you walk down towards the Boardwalk, you’ll be thrust into 1950s America, neon signs and palm trees will bring on thoughts on Miami and live entertainment will entertain the whole family.

Then take a wander through the India Gate, journey through India and watch the musicians and acrobats as you take your pick of the casual dining experiences.

Finally, reach The Peninsula and be brought into the 19th century with the beautiful architecture and, if you’ve done your research, you’ll find a festival or concert at their outdoor venue.

Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai is an excellent themepark inspired by Hollywood. With a DreamWorks animation zone, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and The Smurfs.

You’re sure to find something to make you smile in any of the zones. Whether it’s the intricately designed interior zones of DreamWorks that convince you you’re part of your favourite movie or the thrill of the clearly marked rollercoasters.

Personally, in the DreamWorks animation Shrek area, I was convinced I was going to come across an ogre and I never thought I’d end up seeing the story of Shrek told by huge life-size animatronic puppets but I’m glad I did. No, really, I am glad I did.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

A novel idea, Bollywood Parks Dubai is the very first of its kind in the entire world. Never before has there been a Bollywood theme park but, again, Dubai is one of those places where nothing is too far out there to try.

So, try this. You won’t regret it.

Stroll down Bollywood Boulevard and see the live entertainment and cafes lining the street, enter Mumbai Chowk and join the party. Become an adventurer with Dabbangg, Lagaan and Sholay in Rustic Ravine, feeling like you’re in rural India in this beautifully designed area.

Witness the very first Broadway style Bollywood musical at the Rajmahal Theatre at the Royal Plaza before heading into Bollywood Film Studios where you can learn all the tricks of the trade and meet some of your favourite Bollywood actors.

Legoland Dubai

With 6 zones, Legoland Dubai is sure to be fun for all.

Start off with an educational look at Factory, to see how Lego bricks are made!

Head over to Lego City where you can earn your Legoland Driving License, drive a car, fly a plane and steer a boat.

Built your very own robots and racecars at Imagination, then climb all the way to the top of Kid Power Towers where you can overlook the entire Legoland Dubai Theme Park.

Head back in time to Kingdoms, where you can go head to head with the Dragon Coaster in order to save the King’s Castle. If you’re not quite up to the Dragon Coaster, there’s always the Dragon’s Apprentice. That’s where you’ll find me!

Head off for an underwater adventure and power ski on Waver Racers on a mission to recover a pharaoh’s treasure.

Head off to the interactive Miniland area where a 20-million brick masterpiece awaits of Dubai’s very own skyline, built out of Lego. Bricktacular.

Just don’t step on a piece of Lego.

Legoland Water Park

Finally, Legoland Water Park.

Designed with families of children aged 2-12 in mind, Legoland Water Park offers over 20 water slides, a Lego wave pool, build-a-raft services, a Duplo toddler play area, 2 restaurants and 1 shop.

Dive into the action and have a fun family day out at Legoland Water Park.

So, that’s Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can buy individual tickets to each of the parks in either single or annual passes.

However, Dubai Parks and Resorts offer an All Park Annual Pass. For only 525 AED (£106) you can have 365 day access to all of Dubai Parks and Resorts parks. Can you believe it?

If you’ve got a family with children, I’d definitely recommend it.

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