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Dubai Mall's new VR park

Dubai Mall’s Brand New VR Park

I didn’t think living in Dubai could be any cooler but they’ve just knocked it out of the park, again, with the announcement of the inclusion of a complete immersive virtual reality park right within the Dubai Mall coming within the first half of 2018.

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VR Park

One of the biggest things that’s going to happen this year for gamers, fans of technology and, well, generally people who just like a bit of fun.  This is an incredible opportunity for people who are so inclined to spend some time in a fully immersive virtual reality attractions and rides.

We’ve heard there’s going to be a number of amazing things at the VR Park such as a VR roller coaster, educational and informational journeys as well as multi and single player games.

The location at The Dubai Mall is guaranteed to bring an awful lot of foot traffic to the VR park which means it’ll be designed for not only the most elite hard-core gamers but also to people who may just want to have a go for the novelty.

A promo video that you can find at VR Park Dubai’s website shows some of the amazing things you might be able to do, all under the roof of The Dubai Mall.  The promo shows people skydiving, scaling the Burj Khalifa, dune bashing, drone racing, traversing through dungeons, enjoying carnival rides, facing post-apocalyptic horror scenarios, performing heists and shooting down enemies all through the uultra-immersiveersive VR technology.

With an open date set within the first half of 2018, we’re expecting to see this in full swing by summer.  It’ll be spread across two levels of The Dubai Mall and will offer up one of the most uniquely entertaining venues that you can possibly enjoy in Dubai.


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