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driverless taxis in dubai

Driverless Taxis in Dubai

Living in Dubai is sometimes like living in a futuristic city with all of the brilliant new innovative technological advances that are revealed, tested and implemented here on an almost monthly basis.  It seems Dubai can’t go two months without bringing out some fantastic brand new super technology that makes people’s lives a little bit easier, a little bit safer and a little bit cooler.

Only recently did we have the very first test flight of a completely autonomous drone flying taxi right here in Dubai and now we’re coming face to face with brand new people carrying autonomous technological advancements.

Living in Dubai doesn’t just sometimes feel like you’re living in a futuristic city, sometimes you actually are living in a futuristic city.

Autonomous Pods

These brand new innovations are called, ‘Autonomous pods,’ but they sound much cooler when you refer to them as simply Driverless Taxis.

This new cutting edge technology has just began its testing phase here in Dubai and will present the opportunity for up to ten people to travel in one autonomous pod.  These driverless pods will be completely autonomous, meaning they’ll be controlled centrally by a computer rather than a driver and have been incredibly cleverly designed to be able to connect to each other in order to accommodate a larger number of people.

They can stitch together and form a sort of driverless train that will be able to travel short and medium distances while providing on board Wifi for the travellers.

Although the pods will originally be outfitted with a battery that will be able to power them for around three hours (and will require twice that amount of time to charge), they will be upgraded with higher capacity and faster charging components as the technology develops meaning we can’t be that far off a series of pods that can go for multiple days without requiring a charge.

The current limitations of the taxis being able to travel an average speed of 20km/h (12.5mph) for around 3 hours means you’ll only be able to get a maximum journey of around 60km (37.5 miles) before requiring another 6 hour charging session but it’s an incredible starting point.

The head of the RTA, HE Mattar Al Tayer, says of the autonomous pods, ‘The success of initial tests of these units will bring about a breakthrough in transportation systems that offer innovative mobility solutions and ease snarls in the city.’


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