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Jason Derulo in Dubai

Jason Derulo in Dubai

Is it possible to say, ‘Jason Derulo,’ without singing, ‘Jay-son DerulOoo’ in your head?  Because if so, please find me one person in the world who can say it without that happening because they might just be an alien. Anyway, I digress, Jason Derulo himself is making an appearance in Dubai...

Deira Mall to be the biggest in Dubai

The New Largest Mall in Dubai: Deira Mall

Dubai has held the record for having the largest shopping mall in the world for a number of years, as long as holding a number of other world records for various things such as the world’s tallest building, the largest picture frame in the world, the largest cup of tea...

Pret-a-Manger coming to Dubai Mall

Pret A Manger Finally Hits Dubai

I think I can speak for an incredible amount of people when I shouted, ‘Finally!’  When I finally heard the news that Pret a Manger was coming to Dubai, I was over the moon.  It’s definitely something that Dubai has been missing but now, finally, you can get your favourite...

Gevora Hotel in Dubai, the world's tallest hotel

World’s Tallest Hotel (Again) in Dubai

I think at this point we can pretty much safely say with a certain degree of certainty that Dubai has quite the thing for collecting world records, don’t you think?  At the moment, the United Arab Emirates is home to more than 300 official Guinness World Records and Dubai has...

Dubai International Boat Show 2018

The Dubai International Boat Show 2018

Dubai’s prime location as a financial, technological and business centre of the world means it’s also a fantastic location for some of the best international shows from around the world.  One of those shows takes place at the iconic Dubai Canal and is the Dubai International Boat show. Get as close...

Ladies Day at Drai's Dubai

Drai’s Dubai Ladies Day

Ladies Nights are one of the best value nights you can attend in Dubai, if you’re the right gender for it.  You can get yourself either unlimited free drinks, a number of free drinks, cheap drinks or a great deal on drinks and food at some of the best venues...

Backstreet Boys coming to Dubai

Backstreet’s Back in Dubai

Oh boy, this one’s an absolute treat for everybody who survived through the 90s.  This incredible boy band, Backstreet Boys, managed to secure a place in the hearts of many a young radio fan or avid tape collector during the ‘90s and their popular has somehow managed to last even...

The Shaolin Warriors performance at the Dubai Opera

The Shaolin Warriors at Dubai Opera

One of the most fantastic things about Dubai is the sheer variety and volume of amazing and fantastic shows always taking place across the city and the Dubai Opera is home to some of the most amazing spectacles you can find not only in Dubai but across the entire Middle...