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Chateau Blance on Jumeirah Road

Chateau Blanc: Desert Paradise

Those of you who are on strict diets, turn back now. No hope lies ahead and we won’t be held responsible!  With that out of the way, if your curiosity has been piqued or you’re just throwing all caution to the winds, welcome to Chateau Blanc, where it’s a completely...

Unite with Tomorrowland in Abu Dhabi

Unite with Tomorrowland Dance Festival

The United Arab Emirates has cemented its position as being an incredibly powerful country with a huge draw for tourism, a thirst for innovation and technology and an open minded appreciation of global endeavours by promoting global events like the Unite with Tomorrowland Dance Festival in Abu Dhabi. Look for some...

Ikea nap truck around Dubai

IKEA’s Revolutionary Nap Trucks

Well, this is a funny one isn’t it?  IKEA, one of the most popular furniture retailers in the world and certainly one of my favourite places to shop has started a brand new initiative that we’re not sure has been tried before in Dubai.  IKEA is bringing about their revolutionary...

XY Yoga at Kite Beach Dubai

Yoga On Kite Beach

Dubai might be known around the world as being a major hub for innovation, technology, finance and business, but there’s always something to be said for taking the time out to relax, regain your composure and spend a little bit of time becoming whole with yourself and if you’re in...

Lloyd Banks at Cavalli Club Dubai

Lloyd Banks at Cavalli

Dubai’s nightlife scene is hands-down the best in the Middle East and even manages to rival some of the larger Western cities in terms of nightly performances, availability of clubs and scenes and, of course, the sheer volume of parties to be attended.  It seems like there’s an almost non-stop...

middle east film and comic con at dubai world trade centre

Middle East Film & Comic Con

Dubai’s World Trade Centre is going to be the venue of choice for this year’s Middle East Film & Comic Con.  This internationally renowned convention is going to be one of the biggest events this year for fans of films and comics, so if you’ve got your superhero costume hidden...

free pop up cinema at Last Exit in Dubai

Another Free Cinema Spot in Dubai: Last Exit

I’ve wrote before, at length, about how much I love a good bargain and how my favourite price tag is a big old goose egg 0 and here’s another fantastic new free experience in Dubai that you can take part in.  Enjoy this brand new Free Cinema experience in Dubai...

Burj Park Boot Camp

Workout at Burj Park Boot Camp

It’s becoming the time of the year where everybody starts putting in extra hours at the gym, starts skipping a few extra biscuits with their cup of tea and starts opting for low-fat soy milk lattes when popping into Starbucks.  It’s officially the season where we all strive to get...

big bite out at the madinat jumeirah in dubai

The Big Bite Out Dubai

Did you take part in the Big Bite Out last time?  If you did, well, you’ll be pleased to know that The Big Bite Out is making a big return in Dubai this year and if you didn’t manage to take advantage of the amazing offers and fantastic dining opportunities,...