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Dubai Ice Park

New Adventures to be had in Dubai

It’s tricky to not have an adventure in Dubai, sometimes even a simple easy night out can lead to several mini adventures and the next day you end up scrolling through your phone trying to remember exactly how you all ended up on a midnight dhow cruise when you only...

Market Outside the Box in Dubai

Market OTB Dubai

Dubai is one of the most complete shopping destinations in the world, where you can find almost any brand or item within 20 minutes of your home or cheap hotel in Dubai.  While you’re in Dubai you can shop at the world famous largest shopping centre in the world, The...

The Dubai International Bicycle Exhibition

The Dubai International Bicycle Exhibition

The city of Dubai is known around the world as being a massive technological and financial centre in one of the richest countries on the planet, but the United Arab Emirates as a whole hope to soon become a more fitness minded and health-centric nation in general.  They have recently...

alice in wonderland at ductac

Alice In Wonderland at DUCTAC

Going to the theatre to watch a play has got to be one of the best forms of entertainment we can think of.  Just sitting down and relaxing with family and friends and enjoying a lovely show put on by some incredibly talented individuals.  We think Alice in Wonderland at...

Dubai Extreme Sports Expo

Dubai Extreme Sports Expo

Living in Dubai, sometimes it feels like there’s always too much going on, too much action and not enough downtime but you may just be wrong.  You could be spending the weekend of the 12th of January watching some of the amazing stuns at the Dubai Extreme Sports Expo.  Add...

Happy hour in Dubai

Best Happy Hours in Dubai

Taking advantage of a good Happy Hour in Dubai is not only a rite of passage here, it’s an absolute must if you’re looking to have a fantastic night out for an affordable price.  Couple your Happy Hour knowledge with some of these great cheap hotels in Dubai and become...

Dubai World Cup Carnival

January Events in Dubai

It’s a New Year, and with a New Year comes great new events.  Dubai is going to be absolutely chock-full of amazing things to see, do and be a part of in 2018.  With the build-up, each year, to Expo 2020, Dubai is layering on more and more fantastic events...