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Al Khail Avenue Mall in Dubai

More Malls for Dubai

You’d think that Dubai has enough malls but you could not be more wrong.  After seeing some of the brand new malls that are coming to Dubai by 2020, well, we’re looking forward to these places opening up so we can see some of the amazing things they’re going to...

Ibn AlBahr in Club Vista Mare in Dubai

Low Calorie Dishes in Dubai

Guilt free choices in Dubai come along a lot more often than you think and we’ve rounded up some of the best low calorie dishes in Dubai.  All of these dishes come in at under 300 calories but more than 200 calories. The perfect balance between good tasting food and a...

chocolate desserts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Top Chocolate Desserts in the UAE

Dessert in the desert.  One of our favourite parts of going out to eat is saving a little bit of space (or, let’s face it, not saving any space) and then browsing through the dessert menu and picking out the chocolatiest fondant we can possibly find and then shovelling it...

Bombay Bungalow at JBR

Healthy Dining Options in Dubai

When it comes to food, there are a few things which are always so important to consider and they are price, taste and, of course, how healthy (or unhealthy) it’s going to be for me and how it’s going to affect my weight. Fortunately, Dubai offers up some fantastic healthy options...

Pizza Express Live Dubai

Great New Restaurants in Dubai to Try

Food and Dubai seem to go hand in hand, so why not check out some of these fantastic places to dine out while you’re in Dubai? If you’re coming to visit, or thinking about it, we would recommend checking out some of the fantastic cheap hotels in Dubai and then planning...

Diptique gifts

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

It’s almost that fateful day, February 14th, and you need to start thinking about what to get for your lovely lady friend.  Start thinking now because time waits for no man and you don’t want to be that guy who forgets Valentine’s Day and has to sleep on the couch,...

avocado breakfasts in dubai

The Best Avocado Dishes in Dubai

Avocado is becoming one of the most ubiquitous foods around, where almost any dish is seemingly getting mixed in with avocado and we’re not complaining.  This delicious berry (did you know that avocado is classed as a berry?) tastes great and is incredibly good for you.  The amount of food...

Lunch deals at Ramusake Dubai

Quality Lunches for Under 100 AED (£20)

When it comes to lunch, we want huge portions, delicious food and a tiny price tag.  What better way to get yourself full of good food than by using some of these fantastic lunches for less than 100 AED (£20)? Holidaymakers, take note, once your cheap hotel in Dubai is booked,...

Bateaux Dubai in Bur Dubai

Exciting Dining Experiences in Dubai

Exciting Dining Experiences in Dubai Let it never be said that eating in Dubai is a boring and nominal affair.  Dubai offers up some of the absolute best when it comes to dining, cuisine and food so one of the ways a restaurant makes a name for itself is by creating...

Salt at Kite Beach in Dubai

Add These Fantastic Restaurants To Your Favourites List

Add These Fantastic Restaurants To Your Favourites List Food is definitely one of the most important things in our lives.  A lot of us spend more time than we would like to admit thinking about food thanks to a necessary leftover primal instinct that drives us to search for nutrition.  But...