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Bingo Wings night at McGettigan's JLT in Dubai

Bingo Wings Musical Night at McGettigan’s JLT

Bingo, wings and our favourite Irish venue.  If you’re looking for a fun night out where you can let down your hair, eat some delicious food, get some great drinks and maybe win a few prizes, you might be interested at the Bingo Wings Musical Night at McGettigan’s. McGettigan’s Get yourself some...

Dubai Tour

The Dubai Tour

With such a strong focus on fitness, health and wellbeing, The Dubai Tour is one of the best events that happen in Dubai that really bring to light how important and enjoyable fitness can be.  Major sporting events like the Dubai Tour showcase some of the amazing talent around the...

Chinese New Year celebrations in Dubai

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Dubai

If you’re hoping to ring in the Year of the Dog with some great celebrations centred around the Chinese New Year this 2018 in Dubai, well, you’ll be glad to know there are loads of great events around town to see, take part in and do to help you celebrate...

Ras Al Khaimah zipline, the longest in the world

Longest Zip Line in The World is in RAK

The United Arab Emirates seems to have quite the fancy for breaking world records and with more than 324 of the Guinness World Records attributed to the United Arab Emirates, they’re not doing bad.  Another brand new world recording breaker has just been added to the UAE’s long list of...

Remix 92 The Irish Village in Dubai

Bring Back the ’90s with Remix 92 at The Irish Village

There’s a certain special fondness for the ‘90s that often gets overlooked but, as we all achieve maturity and adulthood (or, at least, pretending like we have all achieved maturity and adulthood), we’re finding more and more opportunities to celebrate the unique ‘90s style of music, fashion and culture that’s...

unique valentines day date ideas in dubai - xline dubai marina, jumble maze and desert safari

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 14th should be the most vigorously circled date on your Cutest Kittens of 2018 calendar that we all know is hanging in your kitchen and for good reason.  Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest dates to show the person who matters most to you that you really do...

Dubai Mall balloon art by Jason Hackenwerth

Unique Balloon Art in Dubai Mall

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘How did they know that what we really wanted was a huge balloon structure in Dubai Mall?’  And the answer is a resounding, ‘We have no idea, maybe they’re mind readers.’  Nevertheless, we now have an admittedly impressive and unique art piece addition in...

Dubai Wellness Week

Dubai Wellness Week

If you’re looking for something relaxing and enjoyable to do in February that will help bring a little bit of peace to your life and start to make you feel a little more fulfilled, you might want to take a look at Dubai Wellness Week, a week long festival where...

Crazy nights in Dubai at Lucky Voice and Candypants

Crazy Nights Out in Dubai

A night out in Dubai has certain connotations attached to it where you think of high class, luxury bars and clubs with strict dress codes and stuffy atmospheres but, believe it or not, there are plenty of fantastic fun nights out in Dubai that you can take advantage of right...