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Night view of the Dubai Canal

Dubai’s Canals Finally Opening

Dubai has some of the most beautiful waterways cutting through the Dubai Creek and, until now, you’ve been quite restricted on some of the best ways of seeing them.  Well, coming very soon (as in, this February), you’ll be able to finally take advantage of the scenic routes through Dubai...

largest car boot sale in the uae at global village

Largest Car Boot Sale in UAE

Us Brits have a very special place in our hearts for the time honoured tradition of parking our cars in a car park, opening the back and selling a bunch of pretty nifty little household items, however the tradition hasn’t really caught on until now, finally, we’ve got our very...

Nelly performs in Dubai

Nelly Live in Dubai

Another top rapper is making an appearance in Dubai at one of the latest and greatest brand new clubs in Dubai, Drai.  This brand new club, brought in directly from Las Vegas, is sure to become a major destination in Dubai for most people. Have a look and see what hotels...

valentines day for the ladies in Dubai

Singles Only Valentine’s Events

You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day and, in fact, sometimes you can have an even better time of it without worrying about spending the day with someone else. Here’s one of those spectacular circumstances where being single on Valentine’s Day is going to be a...

Queen Elizabeth 2 in Dubai

Stay At The Queen Elizabeth 2

One of the most famous ships from the Royal Fleet, the Queen Elizabeth 2 (often simply known as QE2) has served a long and varied history over the past 50 years since it has been in service and since its well-deserved retirement in 2008, will now see the iconic and...

Level 42 at the Burj Khalifa

Luxury Valentine’s Day Dates

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you’ve still not yet got anything organised it might just be time to pull out the big guns.  Try out some of these amazing and luxurious top-tier Valentine’s Day date ideas if you’re hoping to make an incredible impression on someone...

Chinese new year at Dubai Parks and Resorts

Chinese New Year in Dubai Parks and Resorts

February 16th is going to be a fantastic time in Dubai, if you know where to look, the Chinese New Year will be starting this February and will be bringing with it a whole New Year, the Year of the Dog.  There are plenty of places to go and see...

Guy Fieri opens first licensed cinema in Dubai

The First Licensed Cinema in Dubai

I’m a massive fan of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and when I heard the news that the one and only Guy Fieri is coming to Dubai to set up a restaurant I was over the moon but that was absolutely nothing in comparison to my delight when I found out...

Dubai Jazz Festival 2018

Dubai Jazz Festival 2018

It almost feels like you haven’t really lived in Dubai unless you’ve been to the Dubai Jazz Festival and if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to enjoy the festival, now is your chance.  Enjoy the Emirates Airline Jazz Festival while you can. If you’re coming in to Dubai for the...