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Pancakes at clinton st bakery in Dubai

Pancakes Galore at Clinton St. Bakery Co.

Pancake Day falls on the 13th of February this year and in honour of the month where the most pancakes are eaten around the world, you’ll be able to get yourself some of the best pancakes in Dubai from the Clinton St. Baking Co. Clinton St. Baking Co.  I don’t know...

Level 42 at the Burj Khalifa

Luxury Valentine’s Day Dates

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you’ve still not yet got anything organised it might just be time to pull out the big guns.  Try out some of these amazing and luxurious top-tier Valentine’s Day date ideas if you’re hoping to make an incredible impression on someone...

healthy gym food cafes in dubai

The Best Gym Fuel in Dubai

Getting a hard-core workout in Dubai is no joke, there are so many choices of classes, gyms and outdoor workout spots where you can really work up a sweat.  Getting the right food for your pre-workout fuel-up or your post-workout recovery is so incredibly important when it comes to fitness,...

Guy Fieri opens first licensed cinema in Dubai

The First Licensed Cinema in Dubai

I’m a massive fan of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and when I heard the news that the one and only Guy Fieri is coming to Dubai to set up a restaurant I was over the moon but that was absolutely nothing in comparison to my delight when I found out...

Top restaurants ideas for Valentine's Day in Dubai

Top Valentine’s Day Dinners in Dubai

It’s not long now until February the 14th rolls around, so you better have everything you need to book in advanced booked and organised.  If you’re not yet set, booked and ready to go, why not have a look at some of these fantastic Valentine’s Dinner Date ideas and really...

Masterchef in Dubai

MasterChef Restaurant Coming to Dubai

I don’t know about you, but ever since I started watching MasterChef I’ve wanted nothing more than to sit in a recreation of the set while I enjoy some of the fantastic dishes they’ve been creating.  Just me?  Well, I guess I’m getting my wish. MasterChef in Dubai A completely brand new...

Dubai lunch deals under 100 aed

The Best Lunch Deals Under 100dhs

Finding a good lunch deal for under 100 AED (£20) should be an Olympic sport because we’d take gold home every single time.  Enjoy these top lunch deals for under 100 AED (£20) to treat yourself. Choices, Choices What you’ll get:  If you’re looking for something delicious, cost effective and the opportunity...

Outdoor brunches in Dubai

Top Luxury Outdoor Brunches in Dubai

Brunches are one of the best things to do with your weekend in Dubai.  Whenever you meet a new group of people, you’re almost guaranteed to get invited along to their regularly scheduled brunch some time soon.  If it’s your choice to choose the brunch, why not check out some...