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Easter brunch at Turquoise Restaurant in Rixos JBR

Easter Brunches To Make Your Weekend Special

Easter is the perfect time to spend with family, friends, loved ones and the few co-workers who you actually like.  Finding the right brunch in Dubai can sometimes feel like a Cinderella slipper moment and I guarantee that these two amazing Easter brunches that will make your holiday extra special. Book...

Free burritos at Taqados in Dubai

Two Completely Free Burritos in Dubai

The opportunity to take home some free food can easily turn any day from bad to good in a flash, and once again Dubai is going to be inundated with amazing free burritos from one of our favourite Mexican restaurants.  These completely free burritos in Dubai are going to be...

Pool days over Easter in Dubai

Dubai’s Best Ladies Day Deals for Easter

If you’re on the lookout for some of the best Ladies Day deals to enjoy over Easter, you’ve come to the right place.  Our top picks of Dubai’s best Ladies Day deals for Easter mean you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy good food, great drinks and amazing company. If you’re...

Heston Blumenthal to open a restaurant in Royal Atlantis

Heston Blumenthal at the Royal Atlantis

One of the most famous chefs from around the world, famous for performing incredible food based experiments and his unique mixture of culinary and science in order to bring some of the most fantastic creations we’ve ever seen.  Heston Blumenthal is will be featured at the iconic Atlantis at The...

Cuisine in Global Village dubai

The Best Places to Eat at Global Village

Global Village is an amazing little slice of internationality hidden in Dubai, located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Global Village gives people the chance to spend the afternoon and evening getting properly engulfed in a variety of cultures in one place and what better way to enjoy a different...

Night brunches in Dubai: Mercury Lounge, Senara and Lucky Voice

The Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

Now, I know what you’re thinking and it doesn’t quite make sense to have a brunch in the evening considering the word itself, ‘brunch,’ is a combination of breakfast and lunch, or maybe that’s just me.  Some of these evening brunches are a fantastic opportunity to get all you can...