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Gotha Club coming to Dubai

Another Amazing Superclub in Dubai: Gotha

I’m getting a pretty huge sense of de ja vu while I’m writing this, it seems that Dubai is knocking up brand new super clubs every other weekend but, let’s face it, who’s going to complain?  It must be the ultimate First World Problem when you start to moan about...

Soho Beach Club in Dubai

Soho Beach Club Celebrations

One of the best super clubs in Dubai, now, and they’re setting their sights on becoming a major player in the beach club scene with some brand new daytime offerings.  Head on down to Soho Beach Club to take advantage of their amazing day time selection. If you’re up to celebrating...

Night brunches in Dubai: Mercury Lounge, Senara and Lucky Voice

The Best Evening Brunches in Dubai

Now, I know what you’re thinking and it doesn’t quite make sense to have a brunch in the evening considering the word itself, ‘brunch,’ is a combination of breakfast and lunch, or maybe that’s just me.  Some of these evening brunches are a fantastic opportunity to get all you can...

best dubai beach days - Anantara, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and El Chiringuito

The Best Beach Days in Dubai

Dubai has some of the best beach day offers in the whole world, in our opinion, and some of the amazing value deals you can get while relaxing on some of these fantastic beaches in Dubai will leave you absolutely speechless. If you’re up for a chill out session on a...

Urban Picnic Brunch at 3 in 1 Vida Downtown Dubai

The Best Friday Poolside Brunch

When the weather’s good in Dubai, which is 90% of the time, a fantastic Friday poolside brunch is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the weekend in Dubai.  A good brunch is almost a rite of passage in Dubai and finding the right Friday brunch can be a...