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budget dining in dubai

Budget Bites in Dubai

Dubai might be an expensive city to live in but let it never be said that there wasn’t a budget option for almost everything.  It might not be as glamorous as some of the high-end options but you can have a pretty great time without breaking the bank in half.  Enjoy these budget bites to eat in Dubai whenever you’re feeling peckish, there’s something for everyone.

Heavy and Indulgent, Delicious Champion’s Nachos

What it is:  What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?  Nacho cheese.  Champion’s Sports Bar really does a fantastic bowl of nachos with a healthy covering of three types of cheese, tomato, onions and jalapenos with a selection of dips.  This fantastic little bit to eat accompanies a pint with some friends.

Where to go:  Head on over to the Champion’s Sports Bar at the JW Marriott Hotel in Deira.

How much it’ll cost:  This little dish will only cost you 25 AED (£5), nice one.

Low Carb and Delicious, Quinoa Salad

What it is:  This one’s perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight, superfood and nutritious bite to eat without destroying your diet, head on over to Fumo Lounge where you cans ample some delicious freekeh-quinoa salad.  Hint, it’s pronounced, ‘keen-wah,’ just a little tip so you don’t feel silly wondering if you’re pronouncing it right in front of friends.  Get this delicious salad mix with tomato, parsley, peppers and cumin alongside.

Where to go:  Pop down to Fumo Lounge by Rosso at the Amwaj Rotana on The Walk at JBR.

How much it’ll cost:  Fresh and tasty and only 29 AED (£6).

Nutritious and Filling, Eggs from Tom&Serg

What it is:  When you’re looking for a simple yet delicious bite to eat while you’re out and about, Tom&Serg do some fantastic eggs.  Have them fried, scrambled, poached or on toast if you prefer them a certain way.  Have them your way with this nutritious, low calorie and high protein food.  Good old eggs.

Where to go:  This amazing offer is only available at Tom&Serg at Al Quoz.

How much it’ll cost:  It’ll cost you only 28 AED (£5) for this one.

Delicious Sandwiches from State 88

What it is:  One of our absolute favourite things to tuck into when you’re hungry is a delicious sandwich and we’re sure we’re not the only ones.  Get this fantastic meat-filled sandwich with delicious perfectly cooked meat and perfect toppings.

Where to go:  This amazing venue is State 88 at the iconic City Walk.

How much it’ll cost:  Get these great sandwiches for only 26 AED (£5).

Bagels And More’s Perfect Bite

What it is:  We’ve always loved a good bagel and the offerings from Bagels and More are some of the absolute best in Dubai.

Where to go:  Visit Bagels and More throughout Dubai.

How much it’ll cost:  These bagels start from around 28 AED (£5).


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