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Dubai tourist beaches

The Best Tourist Beaches in Dubai

You can’t have a summer holiday in Dubai without hitting some of the fantastic beaches dotted around this fantastic city.

You’ll find that a perfect beach just for you will be no further than 25 minutes from your cheap hotel in Dubai, so find out which fits out your needs best and head on over.

Jumeirah Beach Residence’s Beach

What it is:  This incredibly long and popular beach is one of the most accessible beaches to tourists thanks to easy access from the hotels throughout Jumeirah.  You’ll be able to sit down, relax and enjoy the lovely weather on this fantastic beach where you can just chill out or keep an eye out on the speedsters zooming around on their jet skis, the surfers catching some of the waves or just the families playing in the sand and surf.  This fantastic beach also offers up all of the best beachside shops, restaurants and cafes with plenty of water sports venues if that’s what you’re into.

While you’re on JBR’s Beach, you’ll be fine wearing anything suitable for the beach, so don’t worry too much about dress code.

Where to go:  You’ll want to go to JBR in the Dubai Marina and look for signs.

When to go:  This beach is open all day long and it’s best to go while the sun’s up.

Kite Beach

What it is:  Kite beach is the more adventurous and activity filled beach while you’re in Dubai.  Drawing quite a lively crowd on this popular hotspot, there are plenty of great activities and sports to take part in while you’re there or you can just sit back and watch everybody else doing all the hard work for your entertainment.  Some of the kite surfers there are incredibly talented and it’s almost indistinguishable from magic when it comes to some of the amazing tricks they can pull off.  There are beach soccer pitches, volleyball pitches and more.  You’ll find all your normal beach facilities like changing rooms and showers as well as vending machines and some of the more popular food trucks in Dubai.

Where to go:  Located in Jumeirah, Kite beach isn’t too hard to find.

When to go:  Enjoy Kite Beach all day.

Jumeirah Open Beach

What it is:  Jumeirah’s Open Beach is a massively popular hotspot in Dubai when it comes to beaches.  Styled after the Santa Monica beach in LA, you’ll find some iconic lifeguard towers, cycling track and running tracks right along the beach for some of the best Instagram photos you’ll ever take.  Of course, you can always just sit down and relax on the sands if you’re not up for hiring a parasol and sun lounger.  There are lockers here to store your things while you relax, showers, changing rooms and toilets.

Where to go:  Nearby the Dubai Marina Beach Resort & Spa and Palm Strip Mall in Jumeirah 1.

When to go:  Any time you want.

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