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New Years Eve at the Burj Khalifa

The Best Places to watch the Burj Khalifa’s Light Up 2018 Display

The Burj Khalifa won’t be hosting a firework display this year for New Year’s Eve but will, however, be having a huge light and laser display named, ‘Light Up 2018.’  As it is an official Guinness World Records title attempt, it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest events in the city and, as we see all the time with the Dubai Fountains, you don’t necessarily need fireworks to put on a fantastic and impressive display.

The Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve display’s location in Downtown Dubai means you’re going to have a pretty wide selection of places where you’ll be able to watch the display.  We recommend looking for some of the cheap hotels in Dubai so you can really maximise enjoyment of this amazing display this year and welcome in the New Year in style.

The Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Fountain

Hands down, one of the best views of the Burj Khalifa available from anywhere in Dubai is standing right at the base of the immense structure and looking up at the huge building until it looks like it disappears into the clouds.  Every day the Dubai Fountain display attracts incredible crowds to watch the daily showings of lights, sound and water and we’re sure that New Year’s Eve is somehow going to attract even more people.  There’s plenty of great restaurants along Dubai Mall with fantastic views of the Burj Khalifa or you can choose to stand, for free, along the bridge or around the sides of the lake to get an amazing view of this year’s Light Up 2018.

Head over the bridge into the modernised traditional Arabian souk, Souk Al Bahar, to get access to some of the best restaurants in the area with amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and the New Year’s Display.  However, you might need to book in advance for the restaurants.

Burj Plaza

Slightly further down is the open-air space Burj Plaza, which offers an alternative view of the Burj Khalifa. This is a popular spot for families to gather.

Burj Plaza is a favourite for families to sit and enjoy a lovely view of the Burj Khalifa and this open area should be a fantastic vantage point to view the Light Up 2018 display this year.  The bonus of it being free and open means you can take extra enjoyment in the show.

Business Bay

Business Bay in Downtown Dubai could just be one of the best vantage points for the Burj Khalifa’s Light up 2018 display, with a huge choice of hotels and restaurants offering up amazing views of Downtown Dubai, you’ll have to book in advance and pay your way but they should offer some of the most premium celebrations with sought after views.

City Walk

You can enter, for free, to City Walk on New Year’s Eve.  This brilliant retail district of Downtown Dubai gives an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa and has a great party planned for New Year’s Eve.



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