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New Years Eve fireworks at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai

The Best Places to Watch the Atlantis New Year’s Eve Firework Display

From the 1st of every year we can’t help but think about, ‘This time next year,’ when we’ll be celebrating bringing in the following year, and it becomes one of the most highly anticipated social events on all of our calendars and for good reason.  The New Year’s Eve celebration stands as being one of the largest celebration events in the entire world, with the majority of the world’s countries recognising a New Year begins on the 1st of January by the Gregorian calendar (that’s the one we use) it very well may hold the title of the most universally celebrated day of the year.

Dubai is no different, although it’s a Muslim country that utilises the Islamic Hijri calendar, the whole of the United Arab Emirates will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in style.  The Islamic New Year has a shifting date that will be celebrated around August or September of 2018 but thankfully the Gregorian New Year’s Eve is enjoyed by everybody in Dubai.

There’s going to be a whole load of fantastic parties, events, celebrations, light displays and firework displays going on in the city for New Year’s Eve and you’d be daft to miss out on them if you’re going to be in Dubai this December 31st.  Whether you’re a resident, tourist or here on business, the many great cheap hotels in Dubai mean you should be able to easily enjoy the celebrations just as much as anybody else.  A New Year staycation might just be on the menu.

Atlantis at The Palm

Of course, the Atlantis Firework display is going to be taking place at Atlantis on the Palm, so why not enjoy first-class seats and enjoy a front-row experience of one of the biggest events of the year?

You can either book yourself in to stay at Atlantis or you can try and take advantage of the many restaurants within the hotel to book a table and enjoy the show from within.  The New Year’s Eve Royal Gala will give you some of the best views to the Atlantis Firework display.

Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk

If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the purse strings, why not take a trip down to the Palm’s iconic new boardwalk.  This 11km (7 miles) long stretch along the waterfront of Dubai will give you one of the best views of the Atlantis Firework display without having to pay a penny.  Get there early to make sure you arrive with good time as we’ve heard traffic is usually restricted on the Palm for New Year’s Eve to reduce some of the congestion that builds up.

Palm Jumeirah hotels

Of course, you could always book yourself a room or a table at one of the many amazing hotels on the Palm, which would also give you a pretty fantastic view of the firework display at Atlantis.  New Year’s Eve will have most of these places hosting their own celebrations and parties, so you could take advantage of their very own parties and enjoy the big display at Atlantis at the same time.

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