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healthy gym food cafes in dubai

The Best Gym Fuel in Dubai

Getting a hard-core workout in Dubai is no joke, there are so many choices of classes, gyms and outdoor workout spots where you can really work up a sweat.  Getting the right food for your pre-workout fuel-up or your post-workout recovery is so incredibly important when it comes to fitness, as they say it is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so make sure you’re eating right with these choices for the best gym fuel in Dubai.

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Wild & The Moon

What it is:  Get yourself properly acquainted with a raw food diet at Wild & The Moon with their Rawliflower Bowl.  It’s all of the flavour with none of the gluten, all of the freshness and very little fat.  Everything you need to power yourself back up after a heavy session at the gym.

Where to go:  Wild & The Moon at Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

How much you’ll pay:  Rawliflower Bowl costs around 48 AED (£9).

Circle Café

What it is:  The Superbowl, nothing to do with the major sporting event in the USA nor is it an affectionate name for a cute nocturnal bird, is a combination of beetroot hummus, edamame, quinoa, cucumber, kale, falafel, avocado, roast pumpkin, cherry tomato, spinach, Cajun bagel chips, fresh lime, sunflower seeds and honey soya dressing, all mixed together to form a fantastic and nutritious meal to replenish your energy stores and get you back moving for the rest of the day.

Where to go:  Circle Café at The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai.

How much you’ll pay:  This dish will cost around 50 AED (£10).

Ultra Brasserie

What it is:  Although it may not be immediately sound like a delicious snack, don’t be fooled by the unimaginative name, this fantastic mushroom and avocado on toast tastes absolutely amazing.  You’ll find it full of vegetables and mushrooms atop a sourdough loaf with goat’s cheese and a slightly spicy avocado with a heavy citrus flavour.

Where to go:  Head over to Ultra Brasserie at the Dubai Marina.

How much you’ll pay:  You’ll pay only 46 AED (£9) for this one.


What it is:  If you’re looking for something absolutely packed to the brim with protein to try and crack those ridiculous macro requirements you’ve set yourself, the Protein Bowl from Kcal will certainly make a hefty dent.  You’ll get marinated chicken, courgette, spring onion, coconut and red peppers and all of this will add up to almost 40g of protein for only 296 calories.  We don’t know what sort of witchcraft they’re doing at Kcal to manage these amazing healthy dishes but we’re glad to turn a blind eye to them.

Where to go:  Kcal at Executive Towers at Bay Avenue in Business Bay.

How much you’ll pay:  Prime protein for only 42 AED (£8).

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