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Cangrejo Guac at Tortuga Dubai

The Best Guac in Dubai

You’d be surprised at how much variation there can be between two different guacamole dishes in Dubai and with the huge range of talent, nationalities and experience shared between the chefs of Dubai, you’ll end up tasting some of the most unique and delicious guac you can find on the whole planet.

Dubai offers up some amazing dining experiences and we’re going to show you where you can get the best guacamole in Dubai.  We’d recommend looking at some of the great cheap hotels in Dubai if you want to really make your trip memorable.

Cangrejo Guac

What it is:  This spicy and tasty guacamole is a bit of a unique taste when you’re considering your standard regular old guac, try out this mixture of crab, habanero chili, coriander, lime and orange mixed in with delicious avocado to make this zesty and spicy little mix.  Perfect.

Where to go:  You’re going to want to head to Loca at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah or to the Loca in Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai, very near to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa.

How much you’ll pay:  This guac will cost you 85 AED (£17).

Guacamole Caserón

What it is:  One of the most beautiful settings in all of Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah is one of the most popular hotspots for tourists and residents alike.  Take this unique opportunity to try out some of the delicious guac from this purely Mexican restaurant that’s recently had a brand new menu brought in.  This guacamole is mixed with serrano chili and Mexican sauce, it’s quite spicy though so if you’ve got a sensitive tongue we’d probably suggest giving this one a miss but if you’re happy to take on a little bit of spice, this one is perfect for you.

Where to go:  This dish can be found at Tortuga at Madinat Jumeirah.

How much you’ll pay:  Guacamole Caserón has a set price of 75 AED (£15).


What it is:  This one’s quite an unusual combination, but try out the fantastic guacamole from this Peruvian restaurant.  This place has quite the varied menu (it also serves sushi) so this dish is not entirely out of place within these walls.  This guac comes out in a smoking pot and has a rich, full flavour that makes an impression.

Where to go:  Waka at the Oberoi Dubai in Business Bay.

How much you’ll pay:  You’ll pay only 35 AED (£7) for this one.

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