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Black Palace Beach in Dubai

The Best Camping and Picnic Beaches in Dubai

You may not immediately think of camping and picnics when it comes to Dubai but, really, the place has such a lot of open space that once you’re here it’s hard not to look at certain places and picture yourself setting up a blanket or a tent, some sandwiches, sans crust thank you very much, a flask of tea or coffee and enjoying the milder weather of January and February.  Get out and enjoy it before the sun becomes a thing to avoid in the coming months.

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Quiet And Relaxing

What you’ll find:  A relaxed and quiet getaway spot where you can remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life in Dubai to take a minute, empty your head and just chill out in the sun.  Popular with residents in the area, this is a lovely beach where you can drive your 4×4 up to a nice spot, set up camp and stay overnight or just spend the day there.  You’ll often find Emiratis on this beach, though, so dress modestly.

Where it is:  You’ll find Jebel Ali Beach near to Jebel Ali Golf Resort

When to go:  You can go from sunrise to sunset if you’re looking to enjoy the sun.

Secluded and Private Picnic and Fishing Spot

What you’ll find:  If you need somewhere your kids can really just go wild without fear of interrupting anybody else’s relaxing day at the beach, this is the place for you.  Palace Beach is a huge stretch of land that’s usually quite empty, mainly due to it being a little bit tricky to get here.  If you’ve got a 4×4, you’ll be fine because you’ve got to go off-road for a small section of the trip but once you get there it’s definitely worth it.  This is a popular fishing spot, too, so enjoy some relaxed and quiet vibes with some beautiful views of the iconic Burj Al Arab.  Bring a picnic with you because you probably won’t find much else here.  Again, can be quite popular with the locals so dress respectfully.

Where it is:  You’ll find this beach if you head to Media City from Madinat Jumeirah along Al Sufouh Road.  You’ve gotta pass through between a gap in the trees to get there.

When to go:  Open all day long.

4×4 Galore Beach

What you’ll find:  This one’s a pretty great beach if you’re looking for a pretty unique and secluded picnic spot.  Accessible only via 4×4, hence the name, but a fantastic spot nonetheless.  With a huge bay area for a relaxing and scenic walk along the beach, this is a favourite spot for most people.  Bring your picnic because there’s not much here on the actual beach spot if you’re looking for food, drinks or toilets.

Where it is:  Nearby Jumeirah Beach, keep an eye out for a sand car park.

When to go:  Any time from sunrise to sunset.


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